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Advanced imaging

Streamline your procedures with advanced imaging insights

IVUS Co-registration

IVUS Co-registration

IVUS Co-registration provides easy length measurement with manual IVUS pullback and area/diameter measurements for accurate stent sizing. This feature also provides automated, real-time side-by-side display of co-registered IVUS and angio images to help correlate critical and anatomical landmarks, especially in complex cases, such as bifurcations.1,2,3,4
• Helps you understand precisely where the disease begins and ends directly on the angiogram

• Clearly guides your pre and post strategy decisions for improved outcomes

Trireg monitor

IVUS and iFR Tri-registration

Obtain easy length measurements that combine IVUS and iFR information with the angiogram to help determine if a stent will meet the procedural objectives. Available on the new IntraSight system.*


ChromaFlo provides easy assessment of stent apposition, lumen size and more by highlighting blood flow red at the touch of a button. ChromaFlo is available on Philips imaging systems.

Easy image interpretation

Designed to make lumen size and stent apposition instantly recognizable and help identify branches, dissections, thrombus, and plaque distribution in bifurcations.

ChromaFlo highlights blood flow red to identify:

Lumen sizing

Lumen sizing

Bifurcation image


Malapposed stent

Malapposed stent

Thrombus image


Dissection image


Simple to use

Easy to use screenshot

Simple to use

No flushing and no special procedures are required during imaging. Simply activate ChromaFlo with a click.

Compatible IVUS catheters

ChromaFlo works with the Philips Eagle Eye Platinum digital IVUS catheters.

Eagle Eye Platinum catheter

Eagle Eye Platinum ST catheter

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*Co-registration tools available within IntraSight 7 configuration via SyncVision
1 202-0013.53 SRS, Sync-Rx System pg 19,24.
2 505-0100.18, Operator’s Manual. (pg 34).
3 Kim SH, Kim YH, Kang SJ, et al. Long-term outcomes of intravascular ultrasound-guided stenting in coronary bifurcation lesions. Am J Cardiol. 2010;106(5):612-618.
4 Patel Y, Depta JP, Novak E, et al. Long-term outcomes with use of intravascular ultrasound for the treatment of coronary bifurcation lesions. Am J Cardiol.

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