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Every patient is different, so you must build your MRI procedures to suit. iPatient is an advanced platform for our Ingenia systems that puts you in control of personalized, patient-centric imaging to support excellent consistency and efficiency.


You control the workflow from patient setup, to planning the scan, to image processing. iPatient let’s you adapt an examination to the patient condition, region of interest, and physiology in just a few clicks. This helps create a comfortable experience that supports fast, consistent, reproducible scans.

iPatient offers as much as 30% improvement in throughput¹.

Adapting the procedure to fit the patient

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Control patient comfort

Fast, comfortable patient positioning and coil handling

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Control imaging procedures

Personalized patient-adaptive imaging procedures

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Control image quality

Assistance withe repetitive, critical tasks

Patient comfort

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In our systems with iPatient, the coil workflow is designed to meet the needs of multiple patient types, to facilitate fast setup and increase patient comfort.


  • Digital coils are lightweight and many are adjustable for a custom fit
  • A posterior coil integrated right into the table means 60% of exams can be performed without coil handling²
  • Combine the posterior with two conforming anterior coils for full body imaging
  • Table accommodates large patients
  • The head coil can be tilted to better accommodate kyphotic patients

Imaging procedures


Patient variability has a significant effect on the efficiency and robustness of imaging procedures. To address this, iPatient eliminates certain steps by automating repetitive tasks and guiding critical steps like planning. In this manner exam variations are reduced, quality maintained.

imaging procedures


imaging procedures 01

A customized ExamCard is selected that best matches the patient condition.

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SmartSelect automatically determines which coils and elements should be activated to produce the highest SNR for the selected field-of-view.

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SmartExam positions slices on the target anatomy, reducing operator input to just a few mouse clicks. After which the entire procedure runs by itself.

Image quality

image quality

Image quality is at the core of everything you offer to your patients and referring physicians. iPatient options, in combination with advanced imaging techniques, is dedicated to achieving great results in a fast timeframe.


  • Examcards help maintain standardized diagnostic image quality and speed exams
  • SmartExam automation assists in delivering reproducible planning results in more than 80% of procedures
  • Premium motion-free³, Premium fat-free⁴ and Premium distortion correction⁵ imaging options help deliver motion-free, fat-free and distortion free imaging results
  • The head coil can be tilted to better accommodate kyphotic patients

SmartSelect’s automatic coil elements selection is excellent there’s no running a 5-minute scan with the wrong coil selected – it definitely helps a lot. We also use SmartExam for our breast patients, for consistent, reproducible scans. Our breast images look just remarkable.

Ryan M. Sybesma, RT (R) (MR) DuPage Medical Group Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

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Customer story


The University Medical Center Utrecht team developed fast Ingenia 1.5T ExamCards for the five most common exams, each of which require less than 8 minutes scan time. This is a scan time reduction of more than 50% compared to their standard protocols, and it still satisfies the image quality criteria defined by the ACR Clinical Image Quality Guide.


Download the complete customer story

¹Hinged upon the unique FlexCoverage Posterior coil that provides neck-to-toe coverage without the need for any manual removal or repositioning, FlexStream enables imaging with fewer coils and reduces coil positioning and patient setup time


²The integrated dStream coils (NVC and posterior) can cover all neuro and spine exams, adding up to >60% of overall MR procedure volume


³Premium motion-free defined as MultiVane XD compared to Propeller correction (Pipe et al. A Revised Motion Estimation Algorithm for Propeller MRI, MRM August, 2014.)


⁴Premium fat-free defined as mDIXON fat-free compared to Dixon fat-free (3-echo, fixed TE)

⁵Premium distortion correction defined as OMAR XD compared to conventional Philips TSE imaging techniques for reduction of susceptibility artifacts caused by the presence of metal

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