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Working together to provide care and treatment where and when it’s needed

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Point of care

Thanks to the speed and sophistication of Philips medical care, the walking wounded and those in remote locations can now survive serious injuries and health conditions. Point of care Medic packs and tented equipment solution packages are available.



We can provide quick resuscitative care, with equipment that travels with patients and enables fast clinicial decision-making. Designed to sustain harsh environments, our equipment is highly mobile, air worthy certified and comes complete with data transmission and management.


Our rugged and reliable patient monitoring and ventilation solutions meet the unique needs of point of injury, Medivac and temporary hospital solutions

Is010 HL20329 STR 06 01 helicopter deck
Is010 HL20404 STR 06 02 helicopter deck



Our unique, rapidly deployable CT scanners and x-ray systems bring diagnosis closer to the point of need, helping to provide faster, more accurate diagnosis to those in remote or rural situations.


Our new VISIQ ultrasound system is ultra mobile and ultra accessible, bringing healthcare closer to home.


Why not discuss your needs with us? UNICEF did and we worked with them to create an Automated Respiration Monitor that provides reliable breathing rate measurement for children under 5, helping to diagnose pneumonia



Our extensive range of treatment solutions support clinicians in a range of settings, from tented solutions to hospital and home care. They also expand across the continuum of health, from emergency defibrillators to monitoring solutions and mobile ventilation kits.



Our recovery solutions include hospital and home based solutions, including patient monitoring, ventilation and tele-monitoring services.


Sustainable care

sustained care

Philips also has preventive solutions to bring quality healthcare into communities to efficiently screen, monitorand treat people in their village, and if needed, refer them to the most relevant healthcare facility, thereby reducing morbidity and mortality rates.

We have also developed Community Life Centers in close collaboration with the Kiambu County government. These are health facilities in an integrated modular solution that bundles technology and services. The package includes solar power, efficient and durable indoor and outdoor LED-lighting, medical devices, laboratory equipment, refrigeration, diagnostics, IT-solutions and water supply and purification.

sustained care2

Education and Training


Philips Healthcare education provides meaningful andwell-defined training and support programs designed tomeet the needs of the clinicians and staff.

Offered on a continuous basis to support on-going learning,our comprehensive programs are designed to helpstaff enhance their operational efficiency and providehigh quality, state-of-the-art patient care.

Lighting solutions


Philips Solar Lighting Solutions provide an alternative for rmillions of people who have no access to reliable electricity sources. They provide an affordable and sustainable alternative both in the home and externally.

Healthy eating


The Philips Cookstove is a safe and economical way to prepare family’s meals. It uses less wood and cooks faster than an ordinary stove, saving time and money.

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