IntelliVue G7ᵐ Anesthesia Gas

IntelliVue G7ᵐ

Anesthesia Gas


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Your anesthesia decisions rely on knowing about both the agent and your patient. This module integrates gas measurements into your IntelliVue monitoring system with the same easy handling you already value in our other measurement modules.

A flexible part of your monitoring || KBA1

A flexible part of your monitoring

The IntelliVue G7ᵐ fits in both high-or low-acuity environments, as part of the monitor, with no need for extra cabling or mounting hardware. You can share it between monitors and continue monitoring intubated and sedated patients in the OR or ICU. It’s easy: simply remove the module and insert it into another IntelliVue monitor or rack.
A water-trap that gives flexibility || KBA1

A water-trap that gives flexibility

The rotatable water-trap lets you insert the gas module in either vertically- or horizontally-mounted racks. The water-trap is reusable and drainable too. This reduces interruptions to the care you are delivering, by limiting the need to find and change to a new water trap.
Reliable, real-time data for the care... || KBA1

Reliable, real-time data for the care you deliver

In the monitoring system, the IntelliVue G7ᵐ provides numerical values, waveforms, and trends for sevoflurane, isoflurane, halothane, desflurane, enflurane, and N₂O. It identifies agents and mixed agents automatically. It can also calculate the minimal alveolar concentration (MAC). Of course, it includes airway respiration rate, CO₂, and O₂ measurements.