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PersonalBest Peak flow Meter

Peak flow meter

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PersonalBest sets a new standard for convenience, compliance, and confidence. PersonalBest has a lightweight, self-contained, portable design that puts peak flow monitoring at your fingertips—or your patients' —all day long.

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Universal range (60-800 L/min) || Accurate

Universal range (60-800 L/min) suitable for adults and children

Universal range (60-800 L/min) suitable for adults and children
Built-in handle || Easy to use

Built-in handle for easy grip

The built-in handle helps patients use the PersonalBest correctly. And when not in use, the handle converts into a carrying case for ultimate portability and protection.
Sterilisable || Easy to care for

Sterilisable for ultimate hygiene

Sterilisable for ultimate hygiene
Safety mouthpiece || Safe for patients

Safety mouthpiece for extra hygiene

This safety feature reduces the risk of cross-contamination during multi-patient screening, and the one-way valve prevents patients from inadvertently breathing in air through their meters during peak expiratory flow rate testing.
Quality inspection || Accurate

Quality inspection ensures accuracy and reproducibility

100% of PersonalBest units are quality-control inspected at the factory before shipment. Accuracy and reproducibility are assured for a minimum of two years.
Three-zone management || Easy to use

Three-zone management helps compliance

This integrated system helps patient comply with treatment regimens. The colour-coded indicators can be adjusted to delineate a patient's green, yellow, and red zones based on personal best peak flow.
Warranty || Easy to care for

Warranty for unconditional replacement

PersonalBest is backed by a one-year unconditional warranty. Any unit performing unsatisfactorily for any reason during this period will be replaced free of charge by Philips.
NAEPP standards || Safe for patients

NAEPP standards safeguard quality

This peak flow meter meets or exceeds National Asthma Education and Prevention Program Technical Standards for peak flow meters, based on American Thoracic Society Standardization of Spirometry 1994 Update (26 Waveforms).

Technical Specifications Show more

Performance Data
Less than 5% or 10 L/min
+/- 10% or 20 L/min
Interdevice Variability
Less than 10% or 20 L/min
General system
6.5" L x 2.0" W x 0.8" H in
3.0 oz
Main Body
Impact-resistant ABS plastic
Hot-stamped, alcohol-resistant
Cover and Handle
High-density polypropylene
Calibration Data - Full Range
Measurement Range
60-810 l/min
10 l/min
Calibration Data - Low Range
Measurement Range
50-390 l/min
5 l/min