Fusion Image fusion and needle navigation

Fusion and navigation

Image fusion and needle navigation


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Make confident decisions even in challenging diagnostic cases with Philips image fusion and needle navigation capabilities. Streamlined workflow allows clinicians to achieve fast and effective fusion of CT/MR/PET with live ultrasound while needle navigation aids in guiding biopsy of small and difficult-to-access lesions.

Fast and effective fusion || Enable more confident decision

Fully integrated multi-modality image fusion (US/CT/MR/PET)

Make confident decisions even in challenging diagnostic cases with fully integrated fusion capabilities that feature streamlined workflows to allow clinicians to achieve fast and effective fusion of CT/MR/PET with live ultrasound. By combining imaging modalities directly on the ultrasound system, you now have access to an even more powerful diagnostic tool with advanced visualization, allowing for fast decisions compared to without fusion.
Expand the role of ultrasound || Add power to your ultrasound s

Utilize fusion across different clinical disciplines

With increased pressure to reduce costs and procedure times throughout the healthcare world, EPIQ PercuNav addresses these requirements by allowing the clinician to take a multimodality fusion approach in different clinical scenarios. Using new redesigned and reusable accessories, the clinician can now utilize fusion in the abdomen, prostate, breast, and small parts while reducing times and dependence on other imaging techniques such as MR or CT.
Advanced needle navigation || Reduce procedure times

Enhance your performance in challenging interventions

With a reusable adaptive needle tracker and expanded range of coaxial needle-tip tracked instruments, EPIQ PercuNav offers you a wide range of compatibility with biopsy and ablation devices depending on the degree of procedure complexity. Needle navigation is a performance-enhancing tool for challenging interventional cases such as a hard-to-visualize small-lesion biopsy or difficult-to-access ablations that are close to critical structures. Complete procedures in less time and with fewer confirmatory scans.
Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound || Add power to your ultrasound s

Turning images into answers

EPIQ 7 architecture supports our Philips exclusive Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound (AIUS), designed to elevate the ultrasound system from a passive to an actively adaptive device. With advanced organ modeling, image slicing, and proven quantification, exams are easy to perform, more reproducible, and deliver new levels of clinical information.
Auto Reg White Paper

Automatic registration brings new levels of simplicity to image fusion – advancing patient care

Auto Registration on EPIQ Evolution 1.0


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