IQon Spectral CT The world's first and only detector-based spectral CT

IQon Spectral CT

The world's first and only detector-based spectral CT


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The IQon Spectral CT is the world’s first and only detector-based spectral CT, delivering multiple layers of retrospective data in a single, low-dose scan. Fully integrated with your current workflow, this proprietary approach to CT delivers extraordinary diagnostic quality, empowering you to improve your clinical confidence and make the right diagnosis in the first scan.

Drive your clinical performance || KBA 1

Drive your clinical performance

Discover exciting new analysis opportunities. Unique NanoPanel Prism detector design delivers conventional anatomical information and simultaneous color quantification and the ability to characterize structures, along with monoenergetic image information – all in one scan. Every scan can be spectral on-demand because the spectral data is always available.
Sustain image quality and dose manage... || KBA 1

Sustain image quality and dose management

Consistency in exam quality and patient care remains a priority. You have full access to all of the dose-management tools you would normally have available in a conventional scanning mode. Additionally, our iterative model reconstruction (IMR) allows for virtually nose-free images through 73% - 90%* noise reduction, helping reveal information previously hidden in noise.
Become a recognized clinical leader || KBA 1

Become a recognized clinical leader

Review prospective and retrospective spectral data analysis with traditional workflow. IQon Spectral CT presents an exciting new approach for collecting and using spectral CT data, which can set your institution apart. With this unique spectral diagnostic ability, you can be recognized as a clinical leader, and at the same time, a low-dose champion.
Enable patient-centered imaging and r... || KBA 1

Enable patient-centered imaging and retrospective analysis

iPatient enables personalized, patient-centered imaging with you in control of important advances in dose management and workflow. Retrospective spectral analysis is made possible through the iPatient platform, so you can experience Spectral CT without the need for any special protocols.
On-demand, simultaneous analysis || KBA 1

On-demand, simultaneous analysis

Only IQon Spectral CT offers Spectral Magic Glass, enabling on-demand, simultaneous viewing and quick comparison of up to five different spectral results for a region of interest, including Monoenergetic, Iodine Density, Virtual Non-contrast, Iodine no Water, and Z Effective maps.
Multiple spectral results, viewable o... || KBA 1

Multiple spectral results, viewable on PACS

The Spectral Magic Glass on PACS app** conveniently launches directly in the user’s PACS viewing setup. Spectral Magic Glass on PACS is only available with the IQon Spectral CT and offers a simple interface that integrates into your organization’s current workflow with little or no training.

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No longer do you have to choose between viewing anatomical structures and identifying material composition. Philips IQon, the world's first spectral detector-based CT, lets you do both with in-depth spectral information on demand and retrospective analysis, at low-dose.


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The confidence the patient wants. The diagnostic certainty you need.

Now the first exam is the right exam
IQon Spectral CT delivers valuable clinical insights allowing you to influence clinical workflow,
patient care and economic outcomes in your organization.

The answer for your most challenging cases
Expand your clinical capabilities to all patients, even for the most challenging scenarios. The IQon Spectral CT allows for enhanced tissue characterization and visualization, and full use of dose management tools.

The advances are powerful - the workflow is the same
Fully integrated with your current workflow, this proprietary approach to CT delivers excellent diagnostic quality, with spectral results 100% of the time, in a single routine scan.


“I think this is going to change the way we practice radiology.”


Professor Jacob Sosna,

President of the Israeli Radiology Society

Chairman, Department of Radiology

Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center

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  • * In clinical practice, the use of IMR may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. Lower image noise, improved spatial resolution, improved low-contrast detectability, and/or dose reduction, were tested using reference body protocols. All metrics were tested on phantoms. Dose reduction assessments were performed using 0.8 mm slices, and tested on the MITA CT IQ Phantom (CCT183, The Phantom Laboratory), using human observers. Data on file.
  • **Spectral Magic Glass on PACS app is integrated with IntelliSpace PACS (iSite) and Sectra. In addition, we have completed ISP (SpDS) integration on several PACS and can make available upon request our open interface document to local hospital or PACS vendor IT in order to complete the Standard Integration.