Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump

Advanced technology in comfort and control

The Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump features the most advanced technology in comfort and control in a compact, yet powerful, pump.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications
Technical specifications
Pumping options
  • For single pumping. Battery- powered or electric.
Pumping mode
  • Initial stimulation mode that starts automatically once switched on. Choice of 3 pumping settings.
Soft Massage Cushion Control
  • Massage petals gently flex around the areola. This is intended to help stimulate milk flow. Velvety soft texture for the mother’s comfort when expressing
Suction level
  • One-handed operation with easy controls visible on the base unit. 3 suction settings – select on base unit.
Cycling/suction control mechanism
  • Microprocessor. Advanced electronic technology mimics suction level and speed set by hand
Sympathetic (closed) diaphragm
  • Yes. Prevents milk from entering non-sanitisable parts of the pump
  • 10.4cm (L) x 25.7cm (W) x 16.6cm (H) Controller unit only: 10.4cm (L) x 14.2cm (W) x 6.83cm (H)
  • 0.682 kg
Power (LED) indicator
  • Yes.
  • Simple. All complementary connectors and plugs designed for quick visual matching
  • Simple. Minimal parts require sanitisation. All parts except electrical base and suction tube need to be sanitised.
  • Easy to carry, lightweight. Single Electric Breast Pump can be used with 4x AA batteries or connected to the mains
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