Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump Advanced technology in comfort and control

Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump

Advanced technology in comfort and control


The Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump features the most advanced technology in comfort and control in a compact, yet powerful, pump.


Technical specifications
Technical specifications
Pumping options
  • For single pumping. Battery- powered or electric.
Pumping mode
  • Initial stimulation mode that starts automatically once switched on. Choice of 3 pumping settings.
Soft Massage Cushion Control
  • Massage petals gently flex around the areola. This is intended to help stimulate milk flow. Velvety soft texture for the mother’s comfort when expressing
Suction level
  • One-handed operation with easy controls visible on the base unit. 3 suction settings – select on base unit.
Cycling/suction control mechanism
  • Microprocessor. Advanced electronic technology mimics suction level and speed set by hand
Sympathetic (closed) diaphragm
  • Yes. Prevents milk from entering non-sanitisable parts of the pump
  • 10.4cm (L) x 25.7cm (W) x 16.6cm (H) Controller unit only: 10.4cm (L) x 14.2cm (W) x 6.83cm (H)
  • 0.682 kg
Power (LED) indicator
  • Yes.
  • Simple. All complementary connectors and plugs designed for quick visual matching
  • Simple. Minimal parts require sanitisation. All parts except electrical base and suction tube need to be sanitised.
  • Easy to carry, lightweight. Single Electric Breast Pump can be used with 4x AA batteries or connected to the mains
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