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Event management system


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An enterprise event management solution, CareEvent includes a mobile application to send informative alerts directly to your smartphone so you can make informed decisions and take fast action when required.

Delivers clinical context directly to... || KBA1

Delivers clinical context directly to your smartphone

CareEvent delivers alerts - including up to four numerics, four waveforms and associated data - directly to your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone. With clinical context in your hands, you can determine the validity and priority of the alarm, and make an informed decision to respond, escalate it to a colleague, or rule it non-actionable.
Gain insight into alarms with data an... || KBA1

Gain insight into alarms with data and caregiver reports

CareEvent’s alarm reporting data and caregiver reports can help you understand alarming conditions. You can analyze this data to help you determine changes that will reduce non-actionable and nuisance alarms, as well as to track progress of initiatives.
Prioritize and relay alarms with dire... || KBA1

Prioritize and relay alarms with direct socket communication

Direct socket communication allows for fast communication between PIIC iX and CareEvent. Mission critical communications alarms with highest priority can be sent quickly, and the system acknowledges that the message was received.
Access data to aid in decision-making || KBA1

Access data to aid in decision-making

Query CareEvent data to access information that can help you make staffing decisions and establish best practices. Use CareEvent data to analyze alarm behavior and compliance to policies.
Communication and Collaboration || KBA1

Communication and Collaboration

Secured text messaging allows care teams to communicate with each other using the CareEvent mobile application. Within the secured message, the caregiver can attach the entire alarm event (including scrollable waveform) to the message for further collaboration within the care team.
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View the video to learn more about Philips Visibility Solutions for clinical mobility: CareEvent, Mobile Caregiver and PIIC iX

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See how Philips CareEvent, a mobile event notification system, delivers clinically relevant alerts directly to the caregiver's smartphone.

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