nSIGHT Imaging

redefining clinical expectations


Philips nSIGHT Imaging brings powerful imaging performance to every exam, for new levels of clinical definition and clarity.

Creating new realities


Philips proprietary nSIGHT Imaging architecture is a totally revolutionary approach to forming ultrasound images without compromise. Unlike conventional systems that form the image line by line, nSIGHT creates images with optimal resolution down to the pixel level.

Extraordinary architecture


nSIGHT Imaging incorporates a custom multi-stage precision beamformer along with massive parallel processing. This proprietary architecture captures an enormous amount of acoustic data from each transmit operation and performs digital beam reconstruction along with mathematically optimized focal processing to create real-time images with exceptional resolution and uniformity.

Double the frame rate

  • Fast and confident survey scanning
  • Increased diagnostic information during dynamic studies
  • No compromise approach to imaging so fewer steps are required to optimize performance


Users must choose between framerate and image quality

nSIGHT Imaging

More than doubles the frame rate without impact to image quality

nSIGHT Imaging

creates superbly focused images with less transmit operations so you can experience both highly detailed ultrasound images and extraordinary temporal resolution.

Consistent uniformity


  • Wider range of use with each transducer
  • Diagnostic confidence across a wide range of patients and applications


Best resolution is limited to transmit focal zone

nSIGHT Imaging

Corrects focus during beam reconstruction for superb uniformity

nSIGHT Imaging

achieves superb uniformity through coherent beam reconstruction algorithms that apply mathematical focal correction coefficients continually at all depths of the image.

Resetting penetration limitations


  • Fewer steps to optimize images
  • Diagnostic confidence throughout the image


Penetration limitations and poor sensitivity to weak signals

nSIGHT Imaging

Superb penetration across full range of frequencies

nSIGHT Imaging

architecture’s ultra-wide dynamic range and unique beam reconstruction reinforces weak tissue signals allowing greater penetration at higher frequencies even on difficult patients.

Need more details on nSight imaging? Read the white paper:


Exploring nSIGHT Imaging – a totally new architecture for premium ultrasound


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