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    Philips IntelliSpace Portal is an advanced visualisation and analysis solution that is designed to help physicians to diagnose, follow-up, and communicate, across clinical domains and modalities, with one seamless, connected workflow.

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    Presentations highlighting the latest advanced visualization topics and trends. Including integrated solutions for seamless care, precision diagnosis, and imaging innovation.

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    Department of Radiology, University Hospital of Cologne

    “IntelliSpace Portal is evolving all the time and in step with our needs. Short development cycles and fast adoption of new features give me confidence.”

    - Dr. Bettina Baessler, MD

    Research Group Leader, Multi-Parametric Imaging at the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany

    augusta university health testimonial thumbnail

    Department of Radiology, Augusta University Health, Georgia

    Multiple clinical specialities, one integrated workflow
    To make confident diagnoses and work efficiently, radiologists need access to up-to-date patient information and advanced visualisation and analysis software. But how do you ensure that everyone has the optimised view and tools they need anywhere in the department? By implementing one standardised workflow across the enterprise.
    bonn university testimonial thumbnail

    Department of Radiology, University Hospital of Bonn

    All you advanced neurology analysis needs in one comprehensive solution
    As the world’s populations continue to age, incidence of neurodegenerative disease is increasing. More than half of all procedural MR exams relate to neurological or spinal conditions. To diagnose, treat, monitor and follow-up these cases, neuroradiologists need easy access to advanced visualisation capabilities that enhance confidence and streamline workflow.
    hospital of cologne testimonial thumbnail

    Department of Radiology, University Hospital of Cologne

    Partnering with customers to bring innovation to life
    With rising caseloads and ever-more complex cases in cardiology, informed decisions and confident diagnoses are key. Today, more and more cardiovascular examinations are being performed using MR. Advanced visualisation can streamline diagnosis, and enhance treatment and follow-up – in MR and across multiple imaging modalities.
    toyohashi heart center testimonial thumbnail

    Toyohashi Heart Center, Toyohashi, Japan

    CT TAVI Planning
    Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) has become a key treatment option for aortic valve stenosis. But to establish whether the procedure is viable, clinicians must first perform CT scans to obtain anatomical measurements, such as the aortic valve ring diameter. To support this process, the Toyohashi Heart Center uses CT TAVI Planning, a clinical application on the Philips IntelliSpace Portal advanced visualisation platform.

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    adaptive intelligence pdf 700px

    Adaptive intelligence: the case for focusing AI in healthcare on people, not technology

    “Philips uses a philosophy of care with the early warning score that was already familiar to our teams, and the workflow was modeled on what we would normally do.”

    - Dr. Chris Subbe

    Consultant in Acute, Respiratory and Intensive Care Medicine, Ysbyty Gwynedd

    a clinician holding a three dimensional printed heart

    Streamlined modeling workflow optimised for 3D printing

    Advanced visualisation plays a special role in the development of time-tested, and clinically validated 3D segmentations algorithms, providing anatomical models of major anatomical structures. Such models may be 3D printed for a host of clinical uses as they closely represent the actual anatomy.
    a clinician looking at screens

    Advanced imaging in ischemic stroke

    Ischemic stroke remains a global burden, with almost 7 million new cases diagnosed every year. Advanced imaging may provide valuable information to support physicians.
    screen with computer matrix

    Delivering a secure hosting environment

    Like every industry that relies on increasingly connected computer networks, healthcare is faced with a growing number of security breaches. Discover the IntelliSpace Portal secure software development lifecycle process.
    adaptive intelligence thumbnail

    Adaptive intelligence: the case for focusing AI in healthcare on people, not technology

    Thanks to advances in computing power as well as inroads in data science, AI methods like machine learning and deep learning are arriving into the mainstream. They can help to make sense of large amounts of data, turning it into actionable insights.
    magazine cover

    At SSM Health, improving quality of care is central to the 3D Imaging Lab

    As one of the nation’s largest integrated delivery systems, SSM Health takes pride in its 3-D lab. With the patient focus the IntelliSpace Portal offers, SSM Health continues to find solutions that support them and improve care. The results: improved patient experience and care, and answering challenges for radiologists, imaging directors and C-suite executives.

    Customer videos

    IntelliSpace Portal Enterprise youtube video thumbnail

    Scale your advanced visualisation enviroment quickly and easily

    As hospital develop and grow bigger, clinical solutions are often purchased only as the need arises. Meaning that clinical tools are acquired at different times, on different releases, and with different license packages where each site has a fixed number of users. There is a better way by moving to Philips IntelliSpace Portal Enterprise.
    CIMPB youtube video thumbnail

    Bringing the CIMPB radiologist together with Philips IntelliSpace Portal Enterprise

    Uncover the consolidation benefits generated by IntelliSpace Portal Enterprise from the CIMPB group perspective. The solution bridge radiologists, addressing the limitations related to a fragmented network such as remote access, shared clinical license, and post-processing imaging.
    brescia youtube video thumbnail

    Clinical informatics at the Spedali Civili di Brescia

    Multiple imaging medical devices and PACS in a wide network is your current reality? No problem! Discover how Philips IntelliSpace Portal supported the standardization of the diagnostic procedure in the Spedali Civil di Brescia.
    Doctor Andthon Fuisz youtube video thumbnail

    IntelliSpace Portal Cardiac MR Tools

    Dr. Anthon Fuisz discusses his experiences using IntelliSpace Portal's cardiac MR tools.
    Pediatric Radiology Innovation youtube video thumbnail

    Pediatric Radiology Innovations at Phoenix Children's Hospital

    The most sensitive people to radiation are children, making pediatric radiology at Phoenix Children's Hospital a crucial part of care.
    Benefits of Clinical informatics and AI youtube video thumbnail

    Benefits of Clinical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Learn how clinical informatics can structure healthcare data across multiple sources and make the invisible visible through medical data visualisation.

    Clinical applications

    Educational short videos about IntelliSpace Portal applications.

    mr cardiac youtube video thumbnail
    Philips IntelliSpace Portal clinical application MR Cardiac
    Multi Modality AVA youtube video thumbnail
    Philips IntelliSpace Portal clinical application MM AVA(Multi Modality Advanced Vessel Analysis)
    MR LoBI youtube video thumbnail
    Philips IntelliSpace Portal clinical application MR LoBI
    TAVI planning youtube video thumbnail
    Philips IntelliSpace Portal clinical application CT TAVI planning
    Multi-modality youtube video thumbnail
    Philips IntelliSpace Portal clinical application MMTT (Multi Modality Tumor Tracking)
    MR Neurology youtube video thumbnail
    Philips IntelliSpace Portal clinical application MR Neurology
    CT Brain Perfusion youtube video thumbnail
    Philips IntelliSpace Portal  clinical application CT Brain Perfusion

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