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    Discover CT 5300 for next-level confidence, empowered workflow
    and value for a lifetime

    You’ve told us what you most need in a CT system now and in the years to come, and that’s exactly how we created the new Philips CT 5300. We’ve built incredible intelligence into every aspect of this high-performing system from start to finish. CT 5300 leverages AI for new clinical capabilities and workflow advances, provides virtual tools for real-time collaboration, and offers remote services to enhance system performance and uptime.

    Trauma video

    Delivers results that matter


    lower radiation dose

    With Precise Image AI-reconstruction, simultaneously achieve 80% lower radiation dose, 85% lower noise and 60% improved low-contrast detectability1.

    Up to 70%

    increased consistency of patient positioning from user to user2

    The AI-enabled smart positioning camera of Precise Position increases inter-user consistency by up to 70%, improves accuracy of vertical centering relative to manual positioning by up to 50%, and reduces patient positioning time by up to 23%.2


    potential cost-savings3 with the Tube for Life guarantee4

    The Philips vMRC is no ordinary tube, and our industry-first Tube for Life guarantee can help lower operating costs by an estimated $420,000 over the life of your system.3


    first-time-fix rate for on-site visits5, improving system availability

    Remote Maintenance Services predictively monitor more than 20 strategic parts, and 38% of issues are resolved without the need for on-site service5. 136 extra hours/yearand 30% less downtime6 means many additional hours of operational availability to treat more patients.

    Doctor at computer

    Next-level confidence

    Discover Precise Image AI-based reconstruction for simultaneous lower dose and higher image quality. Leverage advanced AI capabilities and smart automation for confident decision-making today and tomorrow.

    Doctor with patient

    Empowered workflow

    Precise Position with AI-enabled smart camera saves time while improving accuracy and consistency. OnPlan patient-side gantry controls facilitate inter-operator consistency and reduce time to results.

    Doctor seeing computer

    Value for a lifetime

    AI-driven service innovations and remote service capabilities enhance system performance and uptime. Efficiently manage the cost of hardware and software upgrades with Technology Maximizer.

    Doctors working on computer

    CT Smart Workflow

    A comprehensive suite of AI-enabled capabilities, delivers precision in dose, speed and image quality across a wide range of applications, including cardiac, trauma, interventional, and bariatric.

    Brings speed and confidence where you need it most

    Cardiac video


    Timely care is essential to positive cardiac outcomes. See why CT 5300 is built for cardiac.

    ED Trauma video


    Consistent, high-quality ED/trauma imaging is all about speed. See how CT 5300 brings speed and quality to critical situations.

    Interventional CT


    Every interventional CT procedure is unique. See how CT 5300 helps you save time and enhance clinical confidence.

    Virtual Imaging tools extend your team’s capabilities

    Doctor checking reports

    Connect and collaborate for productivity

    Virtual Imaging tools allow for remote collaboration, online education and training, on-demand clinical support, and remote exam card management.

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    [1] In clinical practice, the use of Precise Image may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, and anatomical location. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. Dose reduction assessments were performed using reference body protocols with 1.0 mm slices at the “Smoother” setting, and tested on the MITA CT IQ Phantom (CCT189, The Phantom Laboratory) assessing the 10 mm pin and compared to filtered-back projection. A range is seen across the four pins, using a channelized hoteling observer tool, that includes lower image noise by 85% and improved low-contrast detectability from 0% to 60% at 50% to 80% dose reduction. NPS curve shift is used to evaluate image appearance, as measured on a 20 cm water phantom in the center 50 mm x 50 mm region of interest, with an average shift of 6% or less.

    [2] Based on Philips in-house assessment by five clinical experts, comparing manual positioning versus Precise Position in 40 clinical cases using a human body phantom.

    [3] Actual operating costs for customers vary significantly because many variables exist (such as CT make and model, hospital or imaging center size, case mix, system usage). The potential savings identified estimates the avoidance of purchasing replacement tubes over a 10-year useful life of a CT system, based on an average selling price of $140,000 per replacement tube and estimated tube life of three years. There can be no guarantee that all customers will achieve this result.

    [4] Life of the product is defined by Philips as 10 years. Tube for Life guarantee availability varies by country. Please contact your local Philips sales representative for details.

    [5] Philips internal data. Case Resolution Dashboard in Qlikview, May 2021 to March 2022. Data shown is an average based on a comparison of remotely connected CT systems.

    [6] Data is based on the comparison between remotely connected/reachable and non-remotely connected/non-reachable systems. Data sample from August 2021 to July 2022 for all CT Brilliance Air Product Line, iCT Product Line, Ingenuity Product Line, Incisive and Spectral CT, which are with full remote capabilities under service contract (n=5144).

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