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when purchasing 20 DreamWear masks or more*

We know fitting a patient can be time consuming and this can be a challenge when there are already high volumes of referrals and long waiting times. If not fitted correctly, patients are unlikely to adhere to therapy due to discomfort with their mask. When a refitting is required, this uses up valuable clinic hours which could be spent with new patients. As a result, Philips are offering a free mask fitting session and 60 day guarantee when purchasing 20 DreamWear masks or more*, to help ensure patient compliance and reduce the pressure on clinicians.

if Gold Award 2016

DreamWear is a recipient of the iF Design Gold Award 2016 in the product design discipline.


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Introducing DreamWear

Soft feel, unique in-frame air-flow and innovative air tube connection at the top; patients can sleep like it’s not even there.

Patient Driven
Guided by nearly 700
user trials**

To create the Dream Family, we conducted user trials with nearly 700 patients*. We drew insights from sleep doctors in four countries. We applied everything we’ve learned from our more-than-30 years of innovation in continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) systems. And we focused on making the system comfortable and easy in every possible way.

**Philips conducted a VPH 10 step process. The project executed 4 rounds of interviews and surveys in Nov. 2010 through Feb, 2012. Over 300 live interviews and 400 survey respondents participated.

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