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Healthcare analytics

Identify issues and risks earlier to improve patient care while reducing the overall cost of care. Provide consistency and completeness of reporting and help healthcare providers become more productive. Analytics is the next frontier in healthcare.

The Clinical Collaboration Platform is leading the way with business, operational and clinical analytics software that provide real-time intelligence for better decision making.

  • Gain insight into department operational and system performance through real-time data aggregation from diverse sources.
  • Access analytical data anywhere using zero-footprint dashboards with configurable thresholds.
  • Get clinical decision support through dose management and image-based protocols available at the moment of diagnosis.

Analytics modules

Business analytics

A real-time dashboard provides administrators with the key performance indicators they need to make critical business decisions that affect patient care and quality reporting for payers. Instead of spending hours collecting report data from EMR, RIS, PACS and other systems, departmental managers get immediate insight they can use to improve productivity and utilization.
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Gain real-time insights into the business side of imaging for critical decision support.
Monitor performance dynamics including study volume, modality mix, patient type, report turnaround time and critical results notifications.
Use analytics to optimize workflow, cost control and patient care.

Features & benefits

Intelligent information for improved productivity
To guide your imaging department to a higher level of performance, you need a thorough understanding of where your key metrics stand now. Gain the insight you need without recording metrics in inefficient, time-consuming logbooks. Without downloading data from multiple RIS, PACS and EMR systems. And without the complexity and confusion of manually triangulating data from different sources in different formats.
Strategic planning
A web-based, agile analytics portal, Vue Beyond accesses the Vue platform and supplies real-time feedback on key departmental performance indicators — allowing you to identify bottlenecks, develop improvement plans, and fine-tune your resource planning. Gain immediate insight into resource utilization, what requires attention, and how to improve patient and referring physician satisfaction. Reduce patient wait times and report turnaround times. Optimize workflow speed, productivity and efficiency across multiple sites and departments with one simple solution.

Operational analytics

A log-in through a secure remote connection enables expert technical support for your entire platform — anytime, virtually anywhere in the world. With customer-defined thresholds, tiered service alert levels and the expertise of our support engineers, we’re able to remotely detect and resolve most issues before you’re even aware of the problem.
operational analytics interface screen on a monitor
Enable the productive performance of your medical imaging and healthcare IT equipment.
Philips engineering professionals can quickly troubleshoot your medical imaging and health IT equipment around the clock.
Pay as you go to have the operational information you need available virtually anywhere, anytime.

Features & benefits

Data security
To maintain secure data communications between our Remote Management System central servers and your Clinical Collaboration Platform, we use Philips Secure Remote Service Access (SRSA) to create a secure connection through the internet, using your compatible VPN device or a Philips-supplied SSL or IPSec VPN appliance.
Timely system updates
With our Remote Management System, staying current couldn’t be easier. Many upgrades are delivered over our secure internet connection, so you get them quickly and conveniently, with no need for an onsite engineer.

Clinical analytics

Automatically detect clinical findings and undiagnosed conditions based on current and prior imaging data. Philips clinical analytics software applies cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning techniques to help detect disease early.
clinical analytics interface screen on a monitor
Improve population health by integrating image - based insights for screening, early intervention and enhanced care.
Identify patients at risk and enroll them in preventive care programs to help mitigate costly medical events.

Features & benefits

Dose management
New compliance requirements, heightened radiation awareness and increasing technical complexity present new challenges to radiology professionals. The Radimetrics™ Enterprise Platform automates radiation dose documentation, monitoring and reporting; provides actionable analytics and intelligent contrast dosing for more personalized care; and delivers smart data for more reproducible quality and enhanced efficiency.
Report analytics
Unlock valuable insights through automatic discovery and analysis of textual information associated with clinical observations and findings. Real-time alerts identify potential reporting errors, and reports can be automatically analyzed to provide data that can be used for clinical references, research, business intelligence or population management.
Radiology assistant
Ability to detect a series of clinical findings and undiagnosed conditions based on current and prior imaging data. Algorithm results are displayed as notifications within the Diagnostic Viewer, providing interpretive context to the clinical image currently being read. Alerts include conditions such as osteoporosis, coronary calcium, emphysema and fatty liver.
Population Health dashboard
Display aggregated results from any web-enabled device to analyze population health trends for quality assessment and strategic planning. Image-based analytics of past and current studies provide health insights and decision-support tools to help clinicians, payers and providers maximize productivity, minimize costs and deliver enhanced preventive and therapeutic care.

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