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Continuous, convenient remote cardiac monitoring  

Introducing Philips Extended Wear Holter Monitor – ePatch

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Extended-wear Holter monitoring for empowered cardiac care

Holter monitor electrocardiography is used to detect potential cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (AF). However, conventional ECG monitoring, data analysis and reporting methods can be labor-intensive and inefficient, leading to high upfront costs and long turnaround times. At the same time, traditional Holter devices can be cumbersome to wear, while inconvenient processes may reduce patient compliance and satisfaction – which impacts diagnostic yield.

Philips ePatch is an end-to-end service designed to address the challenges of traditional Holter monitoring:


  • Enable efficient end-to-end workfows
  • Minimize clinical and administrative burden
  • Improve the patient experience and compliance

Philips ePatch at a glance

The Philips ePatch service offering combines three key elements:

Patient heart-check

Our next-generation ePatch patch-based wearable Holter device1 delivering continuous, high-quality ECG data for 24 hours and up to 14 days

Doctor cheking device

Software platform

AI cloud-based Cardiologs arrythmia diagnostic software, combined with our network of expert cardiologists – for robust, actionable ECG analysis reports delivered quickly and crafted for easy interpretation 

Ready to use kit

Flexible business models

Speed and flexibility through ready-to-use kits stored on shelf at your clinic, plus three service models available to meet your practice's precise needs and workflows

1 Philips ePatch® is a Class IIa medical device and validated as an Ambulatory ECG device (Holter) using the Harmonized Standard ISO60601-2-47 and developed using EN13485 as a quality management system.

Discover the benefits of Philips ePatch

Prepare consistent, high-quality ECG reports

  • Create consistent, robust reports, based on high-quality data captured by the ePatch health monitoring device
  • Ensure guideline compliance and receive advanced support with complex cases from an advisory board of expert cardiologists
  • Generate reports easily and effifficiently, or free up staff time and resources by allowing our in-house ECG technicians to do so

Support patient comfort and compliance

  • Promote patient compliance with an easy-to-use ECG Holter monitor that can be worn during active life
  • Lightweight 'set it and forget it' design offers optimal patient comfort
  • Wearable ECG monitor can be used for upto 5 days, validating up to 7 and 14 days –with no cable attachments

Enable efficient workflows and timely diagnoses

  • Easily access ready-to-use ePatch monitors which can be stored on shelf at your clinic
  • Spend less time on logistics and device handling – prepare your patients efficiently
  • Eliminate the need for additional consumables and constant battery replacement

Cardiologs – AI serving cardiology

Doctor cheking cardiologs

Cardiologs is a unique arrhythmia diagnostic software that is cloud-based, vendor-neutral and powered by artifcial intelligence (AI) to streamline ECG analysis. Its clinically-proven algorithm detects more than 20 types of events and processes the data into actionable reports that support efficient clinical decision-making – paving the way for faster diagnosis and more targeted patient care.

Doctor and patient check

Discover how Philips ePatch could help you and your patients

As part of out portfolio of cardiology solutions, Philips ePatch helps you to realize your vision for delivering better care for the heart, at home with the greater efficiency. Patients benefit from your ability to extend the care continuum into the home setting, and from the ability to wear the device for extended periods, while you and your teams gain the convenience, quality and flexibility to elevate your cardiac care to the next level.

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