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    As a leader in image-guided therapy, Philips has over 65 years of experience in providing medical equipment and services that advance minimally invasive surgeries. Our customers have benefited from our continuous stream of innovations and our global service infrastructure since we introduced the first mobile C-arm in 1955.


    When you are looking for an efficient way to help guide, treat and confirm during a surgical procedure, Philips mobile C-arm imaging solutions are an exceptional choice for surgeons and interventionalists.

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    Philips mobile C-arms put unlimited potential at your fingertips

    Greater insight and a better experience for patient care

    Choosing a surgical C-arm solution is all about performance and usability. With Philips Mobile C-arm Solutions, you can obtain sharp, detailed images quickly and easily, to support informed decisions during orthopedics, pain management, vascular and other surgical procedures in the OR. Our surgical C-arm technology is designed to quickly feel familiar for every user with minimal training.1


    To increase return on your investment, your Philips Mobile C-arm Solution helps you stay clinically relevant over time. Our harmonised range of systems is designed to reduce operational costs, simplify use and streamline fleet management. They are ready to embrace new clinical applications, and new service and support technologies as they evolve.

    Key benefits

    Visualise challenging anatomy with clarity and dose control

    Increase efficiency with user-friendly controls and time-savers

    Reduce total cost of ownership and count on professional support

    Simplify operation for diverse users through intuitive design and guidance

    Streamline fleet use and management across ORs

    Explore how Philips Mobile C-arms can help in various procedures

    • Mobile C-arms for orthopedics

      Mobile C-arms for orthopedics

      Perform orthopedic cases with ease and confidence using Philips Zenition mobile C-arm imaging systems, offering proven ease of use and future-fit capabilities.

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    • Mobile C-arms for vascular

      Mobile C-arms for vascular

      Experience greater ease and confidence during vascular interventions and surgeries with Philips Zenition mobile C-arm imaging systems.

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    • Mobile C-arms for pain management

      Mobile C-arms for pain management

      Perform pain management cases with ease and confidence using Philips Zenition mobile C-arm imaging systems, offering proven ease of use and future-fit capabilities.

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    • Mobile C-arms for gastroenterology | Urology

      Mobile C-arms for gastroenterology | Urology

      Carry out gastroenterology and urology procedures with greater ease and confidence on Philips Zenition mobile C-arm imaging systems.

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    Zenition C-arms help Prof. Dr. Bonaros during TAVI procedures

    Philips Zenition mobile C-arm Series launch video

    The Medical University of Innsbruck is a young research center with a long tradition, in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Its Department of Cardiac Surgery is a center of excellence for open heart surgery and complex minimally invasive procedures.

    Professor Nikolaos Bonaros is a cardiac surgeon who performs complex TAVI cases. Philips Zenition mobile C-arm is helping him see more, at a low radiation exposure so he can perform these challenging cases confidently.

    We need to have high quality imaging, why, because we perform more complex procedures. So we want to see more, this is simple. In order to see more, you need the technology, really modern technology and this is that we do have with Zenition.”

    Nikolaos Bonaros, M.D., Ph.D., Cardiac Surgeon

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    Count on us as your patients count on you


    We work as one with your team to keep your systems running smoothly and stay up to date.


    Partner with us to support utilisation and uptime of your systems. 

    Discover how complex vascular surgeries have improved for Dr. Vila with the Zenition mobile C-arm

    Thumbnail image Dr.Vila

    Bellvitge University Hospital is a 700-bed teaching facility in Barcelona, Spain that has a long tradition as a surgery specialty hospital.


    One of Spain’s leading specialists in minimally invasive vascular surgery is Dr. Ramon Vila, who is Head of the Angiology and Vascular Surgery Department, which performs 1,000 vascular surgeries a year.


    With the Philips Zenition mobile C-arm, he is obtaining outstanding high quality images that allow him to perform most vascular procedures at the low dose setting.

    In the end, the most important thing is that with the low dose you have a clear image; this is more important than all the other features that it has”.

    Ramon Vila Coll, M.D., Vascular Surgeon

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    We can take care of the operational management of your medical devices, through predictive maintenance and proactive machine monitoring, whilst you take care of your patients.


    1. Results obtained during user tests performed in November 2013 by Use-Lab GmbH, an independent company. The tests involved 30 USA based clinicians (15 physicians teamed up with 15 nurses or X-ray technicians), who performed simulated procedures using Philips mobile X –ray systems in a simulated OR environment. None of them had worked with each other before.

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