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Introducing Philips Sleep Support Service

Extending the support clinicians give to patients.


At the Philips Sleep Support Service (PSSS) we have partnered with the NHS for more than 10 years, to support more than 11,000 OSA patients.


Our PSSS offers a seamless and unique end to end service, in that it is designed by you for the flexibility to suit your clinic’s individual needs.

What do our customers say about PSSS?...

We have been working with Philips Respironics Sleep Support Servicer for more than 10 years . . . from the economic perspective, to work with them has always been time and money saving . . . a formidable help to minimise poor compliance and drop-out rates . . . in a word I call that Excellence. . . without such a provider as Philips Respironics we would not be able to treat and follow-up the thousands of patients who are now under our care; we would have imperilled our hospital budget.


 – Philippe Grunstein, MD, FRCP London, Associate Professor of Medicine SGU, Sleep-Non-Invasive Lead at Norwich University Hospital

Using the PSSS we are able to provide a responsive, monitored service . . . and we are able to reply on the Sleep Support Team to monitor our patients.


 – Dr David Dawson, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Sleep Medicine, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Embracing advances in technology have had significant beneficial effect on initiation and compliance with CPAP therapy


 –  Mr Michael Oko FRCS(Ed) FRCS(ORL-HNS), Consultant ENT Surgeon, Clinical Lead for Sleep Apnoea Service United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust

The support modules you can choose from include: 



Using the industry standard Alice Night One Polygraphy system, we offer rapid access to home sleep studies, scored and reported by our team of accredited physiologists. Increased demand for sleep services has put pressure on departments to provide services without undue delay, and our diagnostic service can help reduce waiting lists and enable early setup of CPAP therapy where required. Long term and short term contract options are available, and ad hoc arrangements are available at short notice if required.

CPAP Setup

A frequently identified bottleneck in service is the time it can take between diagnosis and commencing therapy. PSSS manages patients through the initial time intensive part of CPAP therapy. We will supply the device and mask directly to the patient if required and assist them with setting up the device and modem if applicable, and will coach them as required until they are established on therapy.

There are scheduled calls to each patient, and the telephone support and clinical specialist teams are on hand to offer assistance as required. We monitor the important parameters of usage, efficacy, and mask fit, and intervene directly when we identify a problem with treatment.

compliance monitoring

Compliance monitoring

Even the fully established and compliant patients require long term follow up, and as the service grows, management of established patients can take up a large proportion of clinic time and space. PSSS offers long term patient management that includes compliance reporting, consumables management, and ongoing telephone support.

This offering can allow significant savings to be made by the Trust, as outpatient clinics can be run more efficiently and cost effectively. Time savings in this area allow staff to concentrate on other areas of service provision. As always, PSSS will alert the clinician to compliance issues should they arise, and will make any adjustments to therapy as directed by the clinician.


Consumables management

Some departments are reluctant to contract clinical services outside the department, but PSSS can offers significant benefits even in these cases. As the service grows, the need for increased levels of consumable stock grows, as does the cost of dispensing masks and accessories. Staff must spend a lot of time in clinic handing out new masks to patients who are well established and do not necessarily need a clinic visit, or packing and posting out supplies to patients.

PSSS will take on the logistical challenge of consumables management, while the department retains all clinical management of the patient. This is a simple and very cost effective means of freeing up valuable highly skilled resources to concentrate on clinical work. The need to carry stock in the department is effectively eliminated with a consequent cash flow benefit to the Trust.




Extras/ additional

There are occasions when additional services are required that are out of contract. This can include additional data downloads or clinical calls to patient to help with compliance issues.

These extras are available as and when required, and are priced transparently.

And all include a patient support line for all users.

Demands on NHS services and delivery are high, and we identified a growing need for clinician support, to ensure a consistently high level of patient care.

We therefore developed a customisable Sleep Support offering, which helps take the weight of your workload, and therefore freeing you up to do what you do best, whilst retaining clinical management within your department.

PSSS is recognised as a cost effective and flexible method of service delivery for NHS Trusts.

Think of us as an extension of the support that you are already offering to your patients!

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