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Transition your department towards more productive helium-free MR operations¹

BlueSeal magnet

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The fully sealed BlueSeal magnet is designed to simplify your MR installation, reduce lengthy and costly disruptions in your MR services, and help your department transition to productive helium-free operations. Based on a decade of innovation, this revolutionary magnet operates with only seven liters of liquid helium and is fully sealed – freeing up your mind and operations from potential helium complications.

With BlueSeal magnet, Philips aims to help MR facilities overcome potential helium-related issues of classic magnet design and eliminate radiology department’s dependency on scarce helium supply.
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Forget about helium

Micro-cooling technology.
Fully sealed.
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Designed to facilitate low siting and other construction costs

No vent-pipe. 900 kg lighter1.
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Toward uninterrupted MR operations

Adaptive intelligence.
EasySwitch solutions.
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High performance by design

55cm FOV.
Hours of continuous scanning.

Forget about helium

In contrast to classic magnet technology, which requires around 1500 liters of liquid helium for cooling during operation, Philips BlueSeal uses a highly efficient, new micro-cooling technology which requires only a negligible amount (<0.5% of today’s volume1) of liquid helium for cooling.
This fraction of the usual amount of liquid helium is placed in the magnet during manufacturing and then fully sealed, enclosing the precious gas for the rest of its life. As a result, no liquid helium can escape, either suddenly during a loss of helium or gradually. This reduces long interruptions to MR services that can result from helium issues. Moreover, it means that the magnet does not have to be refilled with liquid helium during its lifetime.
Micro-cooling technology
Micro-cooling technology Philips BlueSeal magnet
Designed to be fully sealed

Fully sealed Philips BlueSeal magnet

Designed to facilitate low siting and other construction costs
BlueSeal magnet is designed as a solution, which could dramatically reduce installation costs. On a classic magnet, long vent pipes must be installed to meet safety requirements and direct helium to an outside vent in case of a magnet quench. Because no liquid helium can escape, BlueSeal magnet does not need a vent pipe, significantly reducing construction costs.
Philips BlueSeal is also lightweight with a minimum siting limitation of 3,700 kg. This is around 900 kg lighter than its predecessor1, a decrease in weight that can potentially facilitate easier siting, reduce floor adaptations and further lower construction costs.
Designed without a vent pipe

No vent pipe

Lightweight design

900 kg lighter1

Toward uninterrupted MR operations

With classic MR systems, irrespective of the extreme caution exercised by all MR users, if a metallic item becomes stuck in the magnet2

requiring a voluntary quench or if the magnet undergoes a sudden involuntary loss of field, this can disrupt a facility’s MR services for weeks causing massive revenue loss.

The BlueSeal magnet takes the next step toward uninterrupted, more productive1 daily MR operations. Relying on unique digital controllers and 24/7 e-Alerts connectivity3, Philips BlueSeal qualifies as the first magnet driven by adaptive intelligence to support a set of unique service functionalities called EasySwitch.

The EasySwitch solutions aim to minimize unexpected downtime in case of MR operational issue. The BlueSeal’s magnetic field can for instance be easily turned off if an item becomes stuck in the bore. Once the problem is resolved, a hospital or Philips personnel4 can initiate an automated ramp-up and bring the magnet back to field, minimizing operational downtime.

The magnet is also equipped with both a water-cooled compressor and an air-cooled compressor. The air-cooled compressor is used as a back-up when there is no cold water supply. The BlueSeal magnet’s adaptive intelligence will switch to the air-cooled compressor and switch back again when the cooling water provision is restored.

High-performance by design

BlueSeal magnet would not be such a game-changer if it only revolutionized MR operations. In parallel, Philips placed a great deal of emphasis on creating a magnet design that delivers exceptional clinical performance. Thanks to highly efficient cooling properties from its micro-cooling system, BlueSeal magnet can achieve hours of high-performance scanning with zero homogeneity change. Furthermore, the magnet offers a leading homogeneous field-of-view of 55cm and highly linear gradients.

The Next MR Wave

1. Compared to the Ingenia 1.5T ZBO magnet.

2. Marketech June 2017 study.

3. Requires remote connectivity.

4. Subject to service agreement.