Musculoskeletal ultrasound

    The latest innovations on musculoskeletal assessment

    Why ultrasound for MSK? It provides real-time imaging, making it an ideal tool to guide minimally invasive procedures such as needle biopsies and fluid aspiration. It allows for a dynamic examination that can show the movement of soft tissue structures. Ultrasound offers an excellent companion to MRI by providing a cost-effective first look, and it supports a wide range of MSK anatomies thanks to specially designed transducers.

    Discover the latest information on Philips musculoskeletal ultrasound machines, together with resources available, case studies and white papers.

    The ultimate MSK imaging solution: Key features


    PureWave Imaging

    The Philips eL18-4 PureWave transducer features multi-row crystal arrays that provide thin-slice imaging for exceptional detail resolution whilst delivering extraordinary imaging and penetration.

    MicroFlow Imaging        

    MicroFlow Imaging overcomes many of the barriers associated with conventional color flow methods to detect small vessel blood flow with high resolution and minimal artifacts.

    Full solution elastography

    Incorporating both real time strain elastography and quantitative shear wave elastography, the eL18-4 delivers excellent imaging performance and can help advance clinical practice.

    Precision Biopsy

    Enhance clinical confidence with the Verza Guidance System from CIVCO and needle visualization technology during interventional procedures.

    Musculoskeletal assessment ultrasound resources

    Exceptional image quality philips affiniti ultrasound system

    Exceptional image quality leads to confidence

    Dr. Vincent Dehaine, a specialist in rheumatology and sports medicine, shares how the Philips Affiniti ultrasound system gives him the insight and high image quality he needs to make diagnostic and therapy decisions.

    Ultrasound portfolio extensions

    Let Philips help you leverage the full potential of ultrasound over a wide range of clinical care areas with a comprehensive portfolio of performance-driven products, services and knowledge.

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