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Ultrasound Remote Technical Connect


An OmniSphere software application that enables remote diagnostics and control of Philips ultrasound systems

    Connectivity for high productivity 

    Today’s dynamic healthcare environment means growing productivity challenges,
    and the ability to quickly locate, diagnose and address maintenance problems is an essential part of operational efficiency. We understand that you have invested  in a biomed team to meet these challenges, and we are here to support them.


    The Philips OmniSphere Remote Technical Connect software application allows your own technicians to identify and solve maintenance issues on their Philips ultrasound systems* from a remote location. Your IT or biomedical team can troubleshoot issues and run system diagnostics throughout your network without having to travel to the location. This powerful tool can expedite your support workflow and allow you to maintain control over your data

    OmniSphere Utilization Optimizer and Remote Technical Connect video
    A short introduction to Remote Technical Connect applications.

    Top features

    Customizable dashboard views of system connection and support request data
    Straightforward installation, making getting off the ground easy and fast
    Can be added at any time after equipment purchase
    Ability to access compatible ultrasound systems from anywhere with access to the practice server*
    *Contact us about equipment compatibility.

    Offerings based on your needs

    Remote Technical Connect provides the ability to remotely evaluate whether ultrasound systems are online, access the user interface controls on the ultrasound system and troubleshoot issues – all from anywhere you have VPN access to your network.

    Quick connect

    The application provides a single-click remote connection to any active system. You can view online and offline ultrasound systems configured in OmniSphere and filter the list based on the parameters you choose:

    • System name

    • Department

    • Model

    • Serial number

    • Location

    • System status

    • Institution

    Your service, your way

    Remote Technical Connect is designed to help internal IT or biomed teams to be self-sufficient, starting with a fast, simple installation. The extent of Philips involvement depends entirely on what works for you. The application gives you the ability to store data completely in house, and Philips does not have access to your data.

    Option for maintenance services

    If you want ongoing or backup maintenance support, Philips RightFit Service Agreements offer a broad portfolio of customizable services.

    Software that consistently proves it value

    Current needs

    Efficient troubleshooting and maintenance

    Proactive needs

    Direct access to your fleet of Philips ultrasound machines can increase operational efficiency


    Predictive needs

    Licensed subscription automatically provides all software updates

    Explore software features


    View how this application helps you manage technical requests and enables remote access to ultrasound systems online.

    Unique capabilities

    Unlike other solutions, Remote Technical Connect offers a heightened level of self-sufficiency that may increase data security:


    • Data is stored in-house
    • You control connectivity – Philips does not have access
    • No patient data is in any dashboard

    Resources to support your decision-making

    OmniSphere Utilization Optimizer and Remote Technical Connect video
    A short introduction to OmniSphere Utilization Optimizer and Remote Technical Connect applications.

    Case study

    OmniSphere helped a practice make strategic decisions about the effect of ultrasound protocol implementations, sonographer staff auditing and future capital equipment purchases.

    Remote Technical Connect benefits

    Clinicians can request support directly from an ultrasound machine
    Designed to increase uptime
    A quick support response
    Helps you stay current with software compatibility
    ROI against the financial goals of your system or network
    In-house data storage and control of connectivity

    Why choose Remote Technical Connect?

    Until now, members of the IT department were required to drive to the practice’s 10 different offices, which are spread geographically throughout the state... significant amounts of time have been spent traveling to each office to complete IT work on the ultrasound systems.” 

    —Michael S. Ruma, MD, MPH, Perinatal Associates of New Mexico

    Remote Technical Connect enables ultrasound biomedical engineers to resolve more than 70% of commonly requested tasks remotely. 

    Dr. Michael Ruma
    Michael S. Ruma, MD, MPH, Perinatal Associates of New Mexico

    OmniSphere helped a practice make strategic decisions about the effect of ultrasound protocol implementations, sonographer staff auditing and future capital equipment purchases.

    Value and smart investing

    Advanced software to advance a practice


    Your organization has made an investment in biomedical engineers or an IT team. Now you can enhance that investment with benefits for the team responsible for maintaining your ultrasound systems, and for the clinicians in your ultrasound department.


    Remote Technical Connect is designed to help:

    • Reduce the cost of managing and operating ultrasound equipment and unplanned maintenance
    • Improve your internal technical labor utilization
    • Make repair/replace decisions
    • Lower your total cost of ownership while reducing risk exposure

    Easy to start, easy to scale

    • Per seat licensing – software is broadly available across your entire network
    • Scales seamlessly – can easily scale to meet your growing operations
    • Subscription model – offers a low total cost of ownership and keeps your OmniSphere software current at all times

    Biomed education and training—your way  

    Education and training

    We offer world-class technical training for in-house engineering teams, via instructor-led and eLearning courses, to help you address your service needs.

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