Philips e-Alert Alerting solution for MRI systems

Philips e-Alert

Alerting solution for MRI systems

Philips e-Alert is an intelligent hardware- or software-based tool that keeps a close virtual eye on your MRI system performance. Using powerful sensor technology, it continuously monitors key parameters of your MRI systems – and issues an automatic alert if something is amiss¹.

Our strategic goal is to move from a reactive to a proactive service model that enables continuity in care delivery. We have built the capability to identify a potential problem before it happens. Customers require both optimal clinical performance and predictable cost of ownership – something smart data analytics can provide very effectively. 

- Robert Cascella, CEO Imaging Business Groups at Philips.

In the past, we were aware that something was wrong, but didn’t know exactly what and where until much later. We now work proactively rather than reactively if an issue occurs. This reduces the likelihood of costly downtime and, in turn, minimizes the impact on patients.

- Peter Heidi, Marienhospital, Stuttgart