ECR 2020

After careful evaluation of the coronavirus disease outbreak and analysis of the recommendations from the Austrian health authorities for large-scale events in the country, the European Society of Radiology (ESR) has decided to postpone ECR 2020 to July 15-19. We respect and support ESR’s decision. 

Please visit the ESR website for more information.

With a patient centred systems approach to diagnosis and treatment, Philips applies strong clinical capabilities, simplifies workflows and integrates artificial intelligence to help you deliver on the goals of the quadruple aim.

Join us at ECR 2020 to see how we can help address your most critical radiology challenges.


There’s always a way to make life better.

Quadruple Aim

The path toward Precision Diagnosis begins with making the Quadruple Aim a reality. Beginning with creating and activating optimised workflows, leveraging clinical capabilities and data integration, see how we can help you achieve the goals of Quadruple Aim.

Improving patient experience

Integrating the patient perspective with the latest technology helps us enable innovative advancements that improve the patient experience.

Enhancing staff experience

Identifying the challenges faced by radiology professionals daily, Philips is positioned to help support the needs of your radiology team to increase efficiency and enhance patient care.

Enabling better outcomes

Partnering to develop a seamlessly connected experience for your multi-disciplinary team to produce an efficient, and integrated approach for diagnosis and treatment options.

Realising lower cost of care

Optimising workflow efficiencies with the latest connected technologies help to produce a transformative approach that helps to reduce cost and complexity.

Press inquiries

For ECR Press Inquiries, please contact:

Mark Groves
+31 631 639 916 
Twitter: @mark_groves

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Experience our highlights at ECR

Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions

Circular equipment

Philips is contributing to a circular economy by closing the loop: transforming used medical equipment into high quality solutions, recovering parts and recycling.
Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions

Magnetic resonance

Based on its revolutionary fully sealed BlueSeal magnet, Ingenia Ambition lets you experience more productive¹ helium-free MR operations. The system delivers superb image quality and performs MRI exams up to 50% faster1.
1 Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE
Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions

Advanced visualization

Philips IntelliSpace Portal is an advanced visualization and analysis solution that is designed to help physicians to diagnose, follow-up, and communicate, across clinical domains and modalities, with one seamless, connected workflow.
Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions


EPIQ Elite premium ultrasound offers ultimate solutions with clinically tailored tools designed to elevate diagnostic confidence to new levels.
Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions

Advanced molecular imaging

Vereos features Philips’ proprietary Digital Photon Counting technology – which illuminates the path to a confident diagnosis by offering improved detectability and characterization of small lesions*
* Nguyen NC, Image Quality and Diagnostic Performance of a Digital PET Prototype in Patients with Oncologic Diseases: Initial Experience and Comparison with Analog PET, J Nucl Med 2015; 56:1378–1385.
Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions

Computed tomography

Incisive CT helps you meet financial objectives with unprecedented approaches to help lower operating costs by an estimated $420,000*
*Actual operating costs for customers vary significantly because many variables exist (such as CT make and model, hospital/imaging center size, case mix, system usage). The potential savings identified estimates the avoidance of purchasing replacement tubes over a 10-year useful life of a CT system, based on an average selling price of $140,000 per replacement tube and estimated tube life of 3 years. There can be no guarantee that all customers will achieve this result.
Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions

Enterprise imaging

Philips Interoperability Platform: Build the foundation of care collaboration and growth, with an open standards-based, patient-centered solution that enables seamless clinical information exchange.
Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions

Philips Managed Operational Informatics Services

Philips PerformanceBridge offers an integrated, scalable portfolio of innovative technology, analytics and professional services which empower hospital departments to improve their performance and build a program for continuous improvement.
Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions

Diagnostic X-ray

Select from an extensive range of reliable and easy to use digital X-ray machines to help meet your everyday clinical and economic challenges.

Get inspired during our Philips LIVE! forum sessions 

Philips Live Forum session
Join the Philips Live! forum for short talks and presentations highlighting the latest topics and trends including integrated solutions for seamless care, precision diagnosis, artificial intelligence, workflow and operational efficiency, imaging innovation and more. 

Experience our patient clinical pathway journeys

Let us walk you through a patient clinical pathway experience on lung cancer and prostate cancer. See how we are supporting your multi-disciplinary teams in determining the best path to diagnosis and treatment for improved patient care.


Check out our latest blogs on these topics.

Discover engaging experiences at the Philips booth

Interactive table experience
Dive deep with our new healthcare experience interactive table to learn how our strategic planning and design services can help transform healthcare. Attend live ultrasound demonstrations for vascular, liver, breast, small parts imaging as well as handheld solutions that enable earlier diagnosis in the patient care pathway. And stop by the enterprise imaging theater to see live presentations around our operational solutions and business model innovations.

Do not forget to come back at the end of each day for a free healthy drink with Philips.

Philips lunch symposia 2020


Also this year Philips is contributing to ECR with a rich program of satellite lunch symposia. Please attend these  sessions to hear from your peers about solutions designed to empower you to realize precision diagnosis. Book them in your calendar!


All sessions are free. Seats are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Lunch bags will be provided.

NEW! Philips Ultrasound Academy

Philips Ultrasound

Join the Philips Ultrasound Academy on Thursday, March 12 at the TechGate, 19th floor.


Organized in collaboration with ESR, the Philips Ultrasound Academy is a full day learning program, led by experts in the field, on the latest ultrasound applications.

During each class, renowned radiologists will deliver a short interactive lecture on a clinical case followed by practical hands-on tutorials.

In addition to the workshop classes, the program includes both a morning and an afternoon lecture inviting discussion debating future trends in ultrasound. Breakfast and lunch will be included in these sessions.


Onsite registration at ECR

Online registration via ESR MyUserArea

8:00 – 9:00
Ultrasound breakfast session
I see a lesion in the testis. What is it?
Dr. Michele Bartelotto, Italy
9:30 – 10:45

Ultrasound class A – Vascular
New Ways to expand your vascular exams: Watch, learn and share with us!
Dr. Stephane Luong, Lyon, France

Class A: Hands-on

11:00 – 12:15
Ultrasound class B – MSK
Ligaments and retinacula about the lateral ankle
Prof. Carlo Martinoli, Genoa, Italy

Class B: Hands-on
13:00 – 13:45
The big ultrasound debate
Are we using enough CEUS in clinical practice?
Prof. Paul Sidhu, London, UK
14:00 – 15:15
Ultrasound class C – Liver
The clinical benefits of using easy image Fusion and Navigation in daily practice
Prof. Dirk André Clevert, Munich, Germany

Class C: Hands-on
15:30 – 16:45
Ultrasound class D – Liver elastography
Guidelines on the use of shear wave elastography for liver disease
Prof. Giovanna Ferraioli, Pavia, Italy

Class D: Hands-on

Merging strengths to continuously innovate and enhance patient care

Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions
With our recent acquisition of Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions, we reinforce our commitment to deliver industry-leading medical imaging and healthcare IT solutions to enhance patient care and provider productivity, as well as our ability to provide flexible solutions to hospitals and health systems and a solid foundation to deliver on the promise of precision diagnosis. 

Press inquiries

For ECR Press Inquiries, please contact:

Mark Groves
+31 631 639 916 
Twitter: @mark_groves

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