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Helping you discover tools and strategies essential in redefining COPD patient care, enhancing COPD patient management and reducing COPD readmissions.

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    So, just what are we sharing at COPD insider?

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    Insider intel on the new care model

    COPD care is in the midst of a turbulent sea of change. Technological advances are redefining therapy, home care, and the role of data. Changes in reimbursement have triggered ever-increasing pressures for efficiency, accountability, and value. 


    All of these require a new care model—one that is leaner, more agile, and more focused on getting patients home and keeping them home. Here, you’ll find what you need to innovate and succeed.

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    Insider insights on redefining care

    COPD insider gathers leading business and clinical minds in respiratory care. Let them share their vision and experience with you, which you can then share with your entire care team. 


    From reducing readmissions, to increasing adherence, to creating an effective multidisciplinary team, you’ll find valuable tips and tools that you can begin implementing immediately.

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    Insider action plans

    As a COPD care professional, you know that change is something that cannot be addressed passively. You need to aggressively position yourself to weather market forces and lead care forward. Because the first step to better helping our patients is to better help ourselves. We can help you take action now.
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    Featured Articles



      While home oxygen therapy offers significant benefits to patients with COPD, new data show that an additional intervention can multiply the gains. We’ll show you what you need to know and how you can help redefine quality care in your practice.

    • COPD Misconceptions

      COPD Misconceptions

      Too often, COPD in women is overlooked or misdiagnosed. In celebration of Women’s Health Month, let’s explore when this misperception began and how you can help overcome it, to spread quality care for all.

    • Improving Compliance

      Improving Compliance

      While we would all agree that adherence to treatment is key, the causes of non-adherence may surprise you. Learn more about what can go wrong and how you can make it right.

    • Home Care with the right Device

      Home Care with the right Device

      Choosing the right home care device can make all the difference for patients once they leave the hospital. Discover 4 easy steps for making the right choice to set patients up for sustainable success.

    • Why hasn’t spirometry caught on?

      Why hasn’t spirometry caught on?

      Spirometry is the only recognized method to definitively diagnose COPD. So why is it rarely used? Discover the consequences of not using spirometry and the benefits you can expect from making it your standard practice.

    • The GOLD Standards 2017 update: what you need to know

      The GOLD Standards 2017 update: what you need to know

      These updated GOLD Standards spell out best practices.

    • Overcoming underdiagnosis: identifying patients with overlap syndrome

      Overcoming underdiagnosis: identifying patients with overlap syndrome

      Learn insider insights on how to identify and treat overlap syndrome to help you get patients healthy at home.

    • ACO Perspective Video

      ACO Perspective Video

      Beyond driving efficient, quality care, ACOs create particular benefits for managing chronic disease in a population health model. Get the inside scoop from expert Les Duncan.

    • How ACOs align perfectly with COPD treatment goals

      How ACOs align perfectly with COPD treatment goals

      Learn how ACOs create amazing opportunities to support COPD treatment goals and elevate value-based care.

    • The 3 keys to empowering successful self-management

      The 3 keys to empowering successful self-management

      Discover how Christine Cunningham, RRT, actively engages her patients with self-management strategies and how you can begin doing the same in your practice.

    • Identifying COPD patients

      Identifying COPD patients

      Learn how to identify patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) sooner by proactively focusing on additional risk factors, special populations, and more.

    • Case study: Focus on quality and the benefits will follow

      Case study: Focus on quality and the benefits will follow

      In this compelling case study, Becky Anderson, RRT, discusses how she reduced readmissions, improved adherence, and slashed costs simply by focusing on best practices.

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