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The HealthSuite digital platform represents a new era in connected health and care for both patients and providers, as healthcare continues to move outside the hospital walls, and into our homes and everyday lives.

HealthSuite is an open, cloud-based platform that collects, compiles and analyzes clinical and other data from a wide range of devices and sources.

Applications can be built with HealthSuite for health systems, care providers and individuals to access data on personal health, specific patient conditions and entire populations — so care can be more personalized and people more empowered in their own health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Connecting solutions from the hospital to the home and everywhere in between, we can enable a value-based path to healthier living and wellbeing, throughout the health continuum.

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Connected health care ensures that patient management will never be the same

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HealthSuite data is accessed through eCareCompanion and eCareCoordinator—our cloud- based, mobile apps designed for both patient and provider.

Connected care data being displayed on-screen

Patient vital signs can be monitored and tracked at home through connected devices. Data is sent to the platform and accessed through a mobile app.

Philips Connected care solutions providing real time data

Providers have real-time access to patient health data, and can make care adjustments and share with specialists. Data is analyzed to show trends and indicate warning signs.

HealthSuite with connected care allows both patient and provider to share information about Healthsuite with social networks

Both patient and provider can choose to share information with family or social networks, helping better manage overall health in and out of the hospital.

How does connected care Healthsuite work?

How Healthsuite connected care works for patients and providers

See the technology behind HealthSuite digital platform, and how the open platform and open API unlock the potential of data to help deliver more continuous, connected care.

Teaming up to reshape healthcare delivery

Philips and enterprise cloud-computing leader, Salesforce, have strategically aligned to enable a new world of data sharing and device interoperability from the hospital room to the living room.

Leveraging the Salesforce1 platform, HealthSuite allows collection, integration and analysis of clinical and other data from multiple sources, including medical records, imaging and monitoring data, as well as personal devices and technologies.

HealthSuite with Salesforce is designed to be an open ecosystem for third-party app developers, with the potential to transform both professional healthcare delivery and continuous personal health management.


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"We have entered a  new transformative era  for healthcare, and connected care technology is enabling the industry to  connect to, care for and engage with  patients and each other in a profound new way”    


—Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, salesforce.com

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