Tempus IC2 Integrated monitor and telemedicine solution

Tempus IC2

Integrated monitor and telemedicine solution


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An advanced portable multi-parameter vital signs monitor with integrated telemedicine. Tempus IC2 allows trained non-medical users to manage medical emergencies in the air, at sea, and in remote locations. Along with built-in ease of use, the Tempus IC2 features clear visual guidance and automated data collection, helping users to feel confident in managing a medical emergency.

Remote connection
Real-time access to support

Real-time access to support

Tempus IC2 allows intermittent users and non-medical professionals with basic medical training to obtain and transmit a patient's clinical vital signs data, including 12-lead ECG plus images and video. The device also offers a two-way voice connection to connect the user to professional medical support who can access a patient remotely.
Secure connections for medical professionals
Discreet access to medical infrastructure

Discreet access to medical infrastructure

No one can predict when or where they may be injured or taken ill, or how serious the situation may be. Tempus IC2 provides assistance to medical professionals through a reliable, secure communication link with voice and data automatically connecting via existing satellite or terrestrial communication systems, with no need for proprietary software or standalone equipment.
Wide range of features in robust package
Credible information, clear processes

Credible information, clear processes

With its compact, lightweight and robust design, Tempus IC2 can be used in any medical emergency situation. The collection of clinical grade, vital signs information that is routinely captured in an emergency room along with voice connection, visual guidance and logical help screens allows users wherever they are in the world to obtain professional support with difficult decisions, treatment guidance and advice.
Connected medical support
Connected medical support

Connected medical support

Imagine being in a remote and challenging location and hours away from quality medical help. With Tempus IC2, users can securely connect 24/7 to medical professionals who can fully control Tempus IC2 remotely while seeing exactly the same information on their screens as those displayed on the Tempus IC2, providing much-needed peace of mind to the user and patient.


Physical dimensions
Physical dimensions
Standalone size
  • 263mm x 216mm x 98mm (10.4" x 8.5" x 3.9")
Standalone weight
  • 3 kg (6.6 lbs) including battery, RapidPakᵀᴹ clip, NBP cuff, hose, communications cable and headset
Bag size
  • 401mm x 276mm x 154mm (15.8" x 10.9" x 6.1")
Weight when packed in bag
  • 5.9 kg (13 lb) Tempus IC2 plus accessories (excluding power supply, and mains lead/battery charger)
  • Handheld, Bluetooth-enabled infrared tympanic temperature
Displayed range
  • 32–43°C (89.6–109.4°F) (target)
Display resolution
  • 0.1°C (0.1°F)
  • ±0.2ºC (36–39°C) ±0.4°C (<lt/>36 <gt/>39°C) [±0.4ºF (96.8-102.2°F) ±0.5ºF (<lt/>96.8, <gt/>102.2°F)]
Bluetooth communications range
  • 0–10 m (0–32'9")
12-lead ECG
12-lead ECG
Heart rate range
  • 30–300 bpm
Input impedance
  • <gt/>100 MΩ
Dynamic range
  • ±5 mV ac
  • ±3 %
DC offset
  • ±300 mV dc
Frequency response
  • 0.05Hz–175Hz ±3 dB⁵
Sample rate
  • 500 Hz
Common mode rejection
  • 95 dB min, additional filters include mains, muscle, low and high pass and adaptive baseline zeroing
  • Protected against defibrillator charge at 5 kV
Capnometer - respiration rate
Capnometer - respiration rate
  • 0–149 bpm
  • 0–70 bpm: ±1 bpm / 71–121 bpm: ±2 bpm / 122–149 bpm: ±3 bpm
Test range (preset to mg/dL)
  • 10–600 mg/dL (0.6–33.3 mmol/L)
Reading time
  • 3 seconds
Bluetooth communications range
  • Class 2, range 0–3 m (0–9' 10") in an open field
Pulse oximetry - pulse rate
Pulse oximetry - pulse rate
  • 25-239 bpm
Accuracy (all ages)
  • No motion ≤3 digits; motion ≤5 digits
Pulse oximetry - SpO₂
Pulse oximetry - SpO₂
  • 1–100 %
Accuracy (adult/child)
  • No motion/low perfusion: ±2 digits 70–100%; motion: ±3 digits, 70–100%
Perfusion index range
  • 0.02–20%
Noninvasive blood pressure (NBP)
Noninvasive blood pressure (NBP)
Adult/large cuff range
  • 20–260 mmHg
Adult/large cuff accuracy
  • ±3 mmHg or ±2% (whichever is greater)
Child cuff range
  • 20–260 mmHg
Child cuff accuracy
  • ±3 mmHg or ±2% (whichever is greater)
Battery and power
Battery and power
Charger mains input voltage
  • 100–240 V
Charger frequency
  • 50–60 Hz & 400 Hz
Charger input currency
  • 0.9 A max at approximately 100 V
Charger output voltage
  • 8.4 V dc
Charger output current
  • <lt/> 2.73 A
Charger weight
  • 0.25 kg nominal
Charger dimensions
  • 107mm x 67mm x 36.5mm (4.2" x 2.6" x 1.4")
Power supply, external⁴
  • PSU-rated 100–250 V, 50 Hz, 115 V 400 Hz
Battery type
  • Single, external, user-replaceable, lithium-ion
Battery strength indicator
  • Integral
Battery life
  • Min 11 hours¹ [default display brightness, SpO₂/EtCO₂ (25% of the time) and NBP every 15 minutes]
Battery capacity
  • Nominal 7.4 V, 10.2 Ah
Battery shelf life
  • Approximately 7 hours remaining after 1 year storage²
Battery charge time from empty
  • 6³ hours
Integral digital camera
Integral digital camera
  • Images can be annotated with text, colors, shapes which can be sent to Tempus IC2 by the hospital
  • ¹ Battery shelf life and run times are based on a new, fully charged battery stored and used at 20°C. Run time is based on RDT’s model of typical device usage in an incident.
  • ² Subject to conditions of storage and use.
  • ³ Only the RDT Battery Charger (part number: 01-1012) can be used with the Tempus IC2.
  • ⁴ Battery may be charged (optionally) by the Tempus IC2 when running on mains power. Internal charging can be restricted if required.
  • ⁵ Note that during monitoring prior and post recording ECG frequency response filters will be 0.5–175 Hz.