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Connect your MR patient monitor with your hospital IT system.

Connect your MR patient monitor with your hospital IT system.

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Beyond connectivity to interoperabili... || KBA 1

Beyond connectivity to interoperability

Expression IP5 is a complete interoperability solution that resembles standard bedside monitors. Access, view, and track vital signs from the control room without the need for extensive and expensive wireless router networks to pair Expression IP5 with your Expression MR patient monitoring solutions.
Implement with ease || KBA 1

Implement with ease

Expression IP5 works with a host of integration engines and EMR systems to make it easier than ever for you to customize the integration of your MR patient monitoring information with your hospital information systems of EMR. IP5 features industry-standard HL7 or Serial data output protocol.
Smarter than ever || KBA 1

Smarter than ever

Expression IP5 blends smart decision-making support with robust case-management capabilities, tailored to your needs as well as those of your patients. Its advanced platform gives you opportunities to gain insights into a patient's condition and helps in satisfying your never-ending quest for more confident decision support.

Technical Specifications

  • 19" (48.3 cm) color LCD wide screen
  • Touch screen
Special features
  • Wireless communication with Expression
  • MRI patient monitoring systems
  • Case management for clinical ease of use and efficiency
  • HL7 and RS232 data output
  • Philips IntelliBridge Enterprise connectivity
Optional components
  • Strip-chart printer
  • Wireless barcode scanner
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Control room flex antenna
  • Desk stand
  • Wall arm (with optional extension arm for strip-chart printer)