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Advanced Visualisation

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IntelliSpace Portal 10 helps you address imaging challenges and aim for definitive diagnosis.

IntelliSpace Portal 10 helps you address imaging challenges and aim for definitive diagnosis.

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All your advanced analysis needs,
one comprehensive solution


Today’s leading advanced visualisation environments utilise multiple modalities and inputs across a complex, widely distributed network. The IntelliSpace Portal 10 meets multiple time and resource demands with one comprehensive platform offering the power to visualise, diagnose, and communicate, across clinical domains and modalities. 


It combines sharp images, precision analysis, and workflow efficiency tools into a single advanced analysis solution, with the ability to pair easily with all our Philips modalities and Healthcare IT solutions, and beyond.

Making visualisation tangible    

Create and export 3D models optimised for 3D printing    

“The importance of sharing information in healthcare is extreme. The Portal is that connecting piece.”  

Richard Towbin, M.D., Division Chief of Radiology, Phoenix Children's Medical Group


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