SideStream nebuliser Nebuliser

SideStream nebuliser Reusable/Disposable



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SideStream nebulisers with their unique Venturi design offer faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times, and can be used with all commonly prescribed respiratory medications. Reusable and disposable versions are available.

Fast drug output || Fast and efficient

Fast drug output for faster treatment times

You get faster treatment times with the SideStream nebulisers. They deliver 2.5 ml of drug output within 7 minutes, so patients can spend more time on their normal activities.
Choice of nebulisers || Economical

Choice of nebulisers to reduce costs

The reusable SideStream offers optimal patient care with minimal administrative effort. It can be used for 12 months before replacing. The disposable SideStream is less expensive, and can be used in the same manner as the reusable Sidestream, but for no more than 4 weeks.
Proven SideStream technology || Fast and efficient

Proven SideStream technology

SideStream’s Venturi system enhances output (80% of drug output volume is below 5 microns in size). It also speeds up treatment time by using five aerosol-producing jet holes instead of one, providing additional flow to the patient of up to 16 lpm above compressor output. Traditional nebulisers are limited to the compressor’s flow output.