IntelliVue MP60/MP70 Mounting solution

IntelliVue MP60/MP70 Dräger Fabius GS

Mounting solution


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Learn more about the options available to mount the IntelliVue MP60/70 patient monitoring system on a Dräger Fabius GS Anesthesia Machine.

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IntelliVue MP60/70: Dräger Fabius GS Mounting Kit

GCX P/N: AG-0018-04 Kit Includes: 16" (40.6 cm) M Series Pivot Arm (for Fabius GS) with Down Post for for Flexible Module Server (FMS). Allows lateral positioning and provides tilt/swivel adjustments. Cable management features include a cavity below the arm with cable covers and a "pass-through" channel slide; MP60/70 Mounting Adapter; Top Shelf Base Plate with Camlock rails; counterweight kit.
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IntelliVue MP60/70: Drager FabiusGS Top Shelf Mounting Kits

GCX p/n: AG-0021-100 Kit Includes: Horizontal Channel Mount for MP60/70. Allows tilt/swivel adjustment; Top Shelf Base Plate with Horizontal Channel; Horizontal Channel Mount for G5 Monitor.
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Drager FabiusGS Top Shelf Mounting Kits

GCX p/n: DR-0026-28 Kit Includes: 8"x8" (20.3x20.3 cm) M-Series Articulating Arm (for FabiusGS) with Down Post for 1 or 2 Flexible Module Servers (FMS).
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Additional mounting solution for FabiusGS Anesthesia Machine

To Mount the AGM to the top of the FabiusGS Anesthesia Machine, the following item must be ordered in addition to the above kit: GCX p/n: HP-0106-80 AGM Horizontal Channel Mount; GCX p/n: DR-0026-99 Anesthesia Machine Counterweight.

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