Intellivue MP90 Additional Mounting Mounting solution

Intellivue MP90 Additional Mounting GCX rotating clamp for X2

Mounting solution


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Learn more about the option available for mounting the IntelliVue MP2 patient monitor to a pole, or rail.

Adjustable Tilt Pole / Rail Mount Kit || 1

Adjustable Tilt Pole / Rail Mount Kit

GCX P/N: PH-0062-82 Kit Includes; PRCTM Post/Rail Clamp mounts to posts .75" - 1.5" (19 to 35mm) diameter and horizontal rails 8 to 10mm x 25mm; Clamp can be rotated between Pole and Rail clamping modes without disassembly; monitor tilt angle is adjustable; Philips M8040A #A01 Mounting plate for MP2/X2 sold separately.

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