IntelliVue MX400/MX450 Mounting solution

IntelliVue MX400/MX450 ITD Roll Stand Mount

Mounting solution


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Learn more about roll stand, including a tilt and swivel unit for Philips IntelliVue MX400/MX450/MX500/MX550 monitor.

Roll stand: Mounting kit || 1
Roll stand: Mounting kit

Roll stand: Mounting kit

ITD part no. RS.4903.801: Roll stand with 5 stabilizers; handle; basket; vertical holder; strain relief in the hub of the base; tilt and swivel unit with an adapter for Philips IntelliVue MX400/MX450/MX500/MX550.

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Additional information
Additional information
DIN EN 60601-1
  • 2006 tested
Maximum load, basket
  • 3 kg / 6,6 lbs
Finish, rollstand and tilt and swivel unit
  • RAL 7035 light grey, powder-coated
Finish, handle and vertical holder
  • medium aqua accent, powder-coated
Maximum load, rollstand
  • 50 kg / 110,2 lbs
Height, rollstand
  • 1293 mm
Maximum load, tilt and swivel unit
  • 14 kg / 30,8 lbs