FlexSpot Integrated user centric workspot in control room


Integrated user centric workspot in control room


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As more applications come into your lab, it's more important than ever to work as efficiently as possible. FlexSpot gives you seamless access to all applications at one compact, adaptable workplace to significantly reduce clutter and simplify workflow. Team members can perform different tasks separately, without interrupting each other, to reduce gaps between cases.

Full control at a single point || 1

Full control at a single point

When you can view, control and manipulate all connected applications from a single point within the control room - your work can go more easily. Our integrated FlexSpot has one or two 27-inch widescreen monitors and one mouse and keyboard. From here you can control multiple external sources, set-up screen layouts in the control and exam room and access all available applications.
Instant parallel working || 1

Instant parallel working

FlexSpot has been specifically designed to save time. Team members can perform all relevant tasks at the flexible workspot, without interrupting each other. So while fluoroscopy/exposure is being done, staff in the control room can review previous images from the same or a different patient, prepare the next exam or finish reporting on another patient.
Intuitively move through exams || 1

Intuitively move through exams

Easily see information against the distinctive black background of the FlexSpot user interface. Active applications and steps are highlighted to provide extra guidance. All Azurion systems and interventional tools use the same standardized user interface which makes it easy to train and rotate medical staff between interventional labs.
Simplify set-up and operation || 1

Simplify set-up and operation

To simplify and standardize system set-up for your FlexSpot, your personalized layout will come up automatically with ProcedureCards. Your department can create an unlimited number of layouts for every procedure and/or clinical user. The display can even be re-arranged and re-sized "on the fly" if desired to save time.
Add extra FlexSpots || 1

Add extra FlexSpots

An additional FlexSpot can be placed in the control room or exam room to provide an additional workspot for viewing and controlling all available applications. This can, for instance, allow one person to monitor the procedure while another logs data or prepares reports to support high productivity.
Streamline your control room || 1

Streamline your control room

By integrating all relevant applications on one workspot, you can enjoy an efficient, clutter-free control room environment. This can have a positive influence on a working area that is used by several different people during a case or shift.