Pinnacle³ Treatment Planning

Pinnacle³ Auto-Segmentation with SPICE

Fast. Consistent. Confident.

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Reduce hours of contouring down to a few clicks with Pinnacle³ Auto-Segmentation with SPICE. This highly automated package saves time while improving contouring consistency.

Simultaneous auto-contouring || Saves time

Gets things done without you

Automatically generate contours for multiple patients or organs. This feature requires limited user intervention. The majority of the tasks can run in the background, allowing you space to do other important things.
Probabilistic Segmentation || Improves contouring consistenc

High quality contours

Atlases and Structures can be tailored to suit individual operators. The expert atlases are analyzed through Probabilistic Segmentation, resulting in high quality contours.
Pinnacle³ integration || Saves time

Simplified workflow

Auto Segmentation is available from any Pinnacle³ terminal, giving you all the Pinnacle³ workflow benefits without the need to import or export data. Complement Auto Segmentation with Model-based Segmentation.