Live 3D TEE 3D ultrasound imaging

Live 3D TEE

3D ultrasound imaging


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With Live 3D TEE, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, interventional cardiologists, and echocardiographers can see cardiac structure and function all in real-time. It's quick, reproducible, and quantifiable.

Structure and function || Key insights for cardiologists

Structure and function

Ability to view cardiac structure and function in action, even in hard to image patients.
Visualization || Benefits interventional cardio


Visualization for device implantation.
See complete valve || Advantages for surgeons and an

See complete valve

Ability to see the complete valve from multiple perspectives while the heart is beating.
Live 3D TEE leadership || Leaders in Live 3D TEE trainin

Live 3D TEE leadership

Philips xMATRIX Live 3D TEE was launched in 2007, and since then Live 3D TEE has been clinically proven in over a million exams and procedures.
Data and perspectives || Key insights for cardiologists

Data and perspectives

Access to data and perspectives not availale to transthorasically.
Increased visibility || Benefits interventional cardio

Increased visibility

Increased visability during guided procedures.
Monitoring || Advantages for surgeons and an


Monitoring before, during and after surgery.
Enhanced communication || Key insights for cardiologists

Enhanced communication

Enhanced communication with surgeons, patients and their families.
Live visuals || Benefits interventional cardio

Live visuals

Ability to see live visuals of the area during follow up to clearly assess repairs and results.
Ease of use enhances throughput || Advantages for surgeons and an

Ease of use enhances throughput

Easy quantification of the mitral valve with and objective data.