Philips & MAQUET We align to keep hybrid OR simple

Philips & MAQUET

We align to keep hybrid OR simple


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A truly multifunctional room for any open or minimally invasive procedure. We have aligned with MAQUET to seamlessly integrate the best-in-class interventional X-ray with a best-in-class operating room table.

Ready for the future || KBA1
Ready for the future

Ready for the future

By accommodating future-ready surgical technologies, your hospital will be strategically positioned for exceptional growth. The Philips / MAQUET alliance helps put you on the road to success.
Clear advantages || KBA2

Clear advantages

Creating an environment that optimises workflow and functionality has advantages for your hospital. A single room for all interventional procedures (cardiac, vascular, neuro, trauma) and open surgery. The ability to handle a broader range of procedures than a non-hybrid room. A cost-effective response to the changing healthcare landscape.
A versatile environment || KBA3

A versatile environment

As surgical procedure types continue to evolve from open to more minimally invasive, surgeons require a single solution ‘hybrid’ operating room.Our Allura Xper advanced X-ray imaging systems and MAQUET’s highly flexible MAGNUS operating room table come together to give you exceptional versatility for individualised patient care.
A sensible collaboration || KBA 4

A sensible collaboration

As a global leader in healthcare and interventional X-ray, we have sought to align with a partner of very high caliber to develop an integrated solution with the flexibility to address the needs of a truly multi-functional OR. MAQUET GETINGE GROUP’S high standards and innovative solutions in the OR table and medical systems industry make it the perfect choice. The pairing of these technologies is superb. High-resolution fixed X-ray imaging with our Allura Xper systems joined with the ergonomically designed MAGNUS OR table sets new standards in mobility and positioning for procedures that are more comfortable for surgeons and patients.
Integration excellence || KBA 4

Integration excellence

Our alliance with MAQUET is intended to enhance hybrid functionality. Surgeons will find a room designed to support complex procedures and easily adapt to a broadening range of procedure types.Allura Xper X-ray system and MAGNUS OR table integration provides advanced functionality thanks to closely synchronised movements. Automatic position control, efficient BolusChase procedures and advanced 3D software tools are highlights. The MAGNUS OR table system offers a radiolucent tabletop for endovascular procedures or a modular tabletop for open surgery.