Efficia CMS200

Central monitoring system

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As you strive to provide high quality care on a limited budget for large numbers of patients, a cost-effective way to centralise your monitoring can help. The Efficia CMS200 central monitoring system centralises monitoring and secondary alarming, and enhances access to historical patient data, thus helping your staff work efficiently. When budget and quality matter, choose Philips Efficia.

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Efficia CMS200 user experience

Mirror your unit/patient flow design within the central station layout or via bed side monitor, patient data is synchronised across all devices
Bed layout is defined in central station based upon patient acuity and hospital protocol. Alarm limits and measurement intervals are then set.
Alarm events and records are continuously managed while measurements from bedside monitors or CMS are taken. eg. NBP start/stop
Full disclosure for up to 10 days on the central, and data integration to the EMR system or other hospital informatics system. Data storage, analysis, and review produces report print out to add to the medical record.

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Waves and numerics
Measurements (if available from the bedside monitor)²
Heart rate, arrhythmia, 10-lead ECG, ST, respiratory rate, pulse rate, temperature, non-invasive blood pressure, invasive blood pressure, SpO₂, and CO₂, Masimo® SET®, Masimo rainbow® SET, Cardiac Output
Waveforms (if available from the bedside monitor)
ECG (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1–V6), respiration, invasive blood pressure, SpO₂, CO₂
Audible and visible
Data storage and review
Graphical and tabular trend data
10 days
Full-disclosure waveforms, including ECG
10 days
NBP measurements with all associated parameters
10 days
Alarm history
10 days
Stored data retrieval
Up to 30 days after discharge
Single display capability (user configurable layout)
Up to 16-beds simultaneously; up to 8 pages
Dual display capability (user configurable layout)
Up to 32-beds simultaneously; up to 8 pages
Printed reports
Real time numeric data and waveforms; Tabular trend data; Graphical trend data; NBP trend data; Alarm/event history; Retrospective ECG waveforms; Full disclosure waveforms; Patient window