Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump

Single breast expression

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Designed for mothers’ comfort, this small, portable single electric pump is convenient to use in or out of the home. Three user controlled vacuum settings offer personalized comfort for a steady supply of milk.

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Technical Specifications

Single Electric Breast Pump Specifications
Single Electric Breast Pump Specifications
  • Expression unit: 125g (when fully assembled
  • Motor unit including tubing: 307g
Single Electric Breast Pump Specifications
Single Electric Breast Pump Specifications
Pumping mode
  • Single electric
Vacuum levels
  • Stimulation mode: 128mmHg. Expression setting 1: 169mmHg
  • Expression setting 2: 209mmHg. Expression setting 3: 250mmHg
What’s in the pack
  • 1x breast pump expression unit (including 1x Philips Avent Natural bottle)
  • 1x motor unit including tubing & connecting cap
  • 1x newborn flow teat
  • 1x hygiene cover for cushion
  • 1x sealing disc for breast milk storage
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x spare diaphragm
  • 1x instruction manual for Comfort breast pump
  • 1x instruction manual for Natural bottle
  • 1x day breastpad sample pack
  • 1x night breastpad sample pack
  • Polypropylene: pump body, hygiene cover for funnel,Natural bottle.
  • Silicone: cushion, diaphragm, valve,newborn flow teat TPE: sealing disc Entirely BPA free
  • Expression unit: Total height: 17.1cm (when fully assembled)
  • Expression unit: Total width: 13.5cm (when fully assembled)
  • Motor unit: Total height: 6.8cm, Total width: 14.2cm, Totaldepth: 10.4cm
  • All parts can be immersed in water and sterilised except forthe electrical parts
  • Easy visual matching of parts. Few small pieces
Instructions of use
  • Printed instruction manual with easy-referencetroubleshooting guide
  • 2 years
Available spare parts
  • Pump body, massage cushion, massage cushion large
  • Diaphragm and valve, tubing, power adapter, motor unit
  • Hygiene cover for cushion, battery lid on motor unit
  • * Independent home placement test among 85 mothers in the UK, August 2012