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Philips V60 Plus ventilator

NIV and HFT: a powerful union


The Philips V60 Plus ventilator* integrates non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and high flow therapy (HFT) on one device.


It enhances workflow and patient care efficiency by enabling clinicians to easily, readily and rapidly adjust therapies around constantly changing patient conditions.

Dedicated to early intervention in respiratory failure, it supports speed-to-therapy and patient comfort.


Available as a stand alone ventilator or an upgrade to your Philips V60 ventilator.

* May not be available in all markets. Not available for sale in the USA.

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    Save time and limit disruption


    Research shows the process of obtaining an HFT device through to completing patient set-up takes 16.3 minutes on average, as compared to an average of only 3.8 minutes with the V60 Plus.1


    • Single device for NIV and HFT
    • Improved workflow
    • Reduced patient disruption

    Facilitate your ventilation strategies


    Many situations benefit from the ability to switch quickly between HFT and NIV strategies:


    • Weaning from NIV to HFT
    • Escalating deteriorating patients from HFT to NIV
    • Adjusting therapies as patient condition changes

    High Flow Nasal Cannula AC611


    Eases the transition from NIV to HFT


    • Rates as most comfortable in head-to-head testing2
    • Is available in a range of sizes to fit most patients
    • Adds versatility to your inventory
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    Made for each other.
    And you.


    Choose the best option for your patients from among our range of NIV masks and high flow nasal cannulas. Designed to work together, the V60 Plus ventilator, masks and cannulas:


    • Enable therapy transitions
    • Support skin-protective strategies
    • Calculate and display patient leak automatically in NIV modes to aid mask adjustment

    Already own a Philips V60 ventilator?


    The simple V60 HFT activation upgrade removes the hassles of retrieving and setting up a second device, shortens the time needed to escalate therapy, and enables efficient utilisation of your equipment fleet and consumables inventory.

    Better together!


    Take your solutions to the next level with our services.


    Comprehensive services at every stage of your ventilator's lifecycle, utilising your people, processes and technology.


    Count on us as your patients count on you. 

    Our portfolio includes:

    • RightFit service agreements
    • Clinical services
    • Respi-Link
    • And more!



    Clinical summary:

    Evidence-based practice for NIV and high flow nasal cannula


    Philips V60 Plus ventilator brochure:

    NIV and HFT: a powerful union

    hft brochure


    Providing evidence-based care to patients in need of respiratory support


    High Flow Nasal Cannula AC611 brochure:

    NIV and HFT: a powerful union

    AC 611 brochure



    1. Formative testing report. Philips V60 Product Testing, Results and Recommendations. ResearchWorks May 31, 2017.
    2. Philips High Flow Cannula therapy prototype testing. Conducted by ResearchWorks. 2016.