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To provide proactive, patient centred care, health care professionals need to connect with patients where they live and support them in better managing their chronic and complex conditions. Engage is about putting people in control of their own health and wellbeing. Our patient engagement application is designed to enable patients to receive reminders, engage with health coaching, respond to surveys and questionnaires and message or video call their health professional – in a single digital portal. Where appropriate patients can invite their family members to view their results, enabling them to better care for their loved ones.

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Personalised content driven by automated workflows
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Integration for continuous automatic monitoring
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Enable patients to interact with their health record
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Secure messaging with care professionals and video consultations
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Care Network

Involve caregivers in a patient’s care plan

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Manage access and keep control over your data

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Multi-platform support

Reduces barriers to access

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Ease of use

Intuitive design suitable for all ages


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