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Analyse longitudinal care records for patient segmentation and prioritisation


Clinical teams need an accurate picture of patient data, care transitions, gaps in care, outcomes and risks in a single place in order to deliver care right first time.


Our longitudinal health and care record combines data from primary, secondary, community and mental health sources to provide a complete view of a patient’s history and current status. Discover helps you to:


  • Aggregate and normalise data across different care settings into a single longitudinal health and care record
  • Identify patients at risk or with gaps in care so you can direct care to those who can most benefit
  • Prioritise patients to establish actions and interventions that have the most positive impact
Data quality icon

Data quality

Monitor flow and quality to help identify errors before they impact workflow and metrics
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Ease of use

Responsive design and simplified login through integration with NHS Identity
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Share data using open APIs

Aggregate and normalise data across different care settings and share via HL7 FHIR APIs
Discover on monitor
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Care summary

A personalised view of an individual’s longitudinal health and care data
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Cohort builder

Identify individuals at high risk or with gaps in care and enrol them in preventative care programmes

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Patient matching

Automated matching and integration with NHS Personal Demographics Service


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