Radiation Oncology
    The confident path to treatment

    The confident path to treatment

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    Philips at ESTRO 2023

    Join us at ESTRO 2023 in Vienna at Booth #280. We hope you're as inspired as we are and excited to continue the conversation.

    ESTRO Philips Industry Symposium: Monday, May 15th , 2023, 13:00 p.m. - 14:00 p.m. CEST

    Innovation in practice: Philips delivers precise, adaptive, and personalized care solutions to Radiotherapy

    Ilya Gipp

    Ilya Gipp MD, PhD

    Chief Medical Officer
    Philips Healthcare

    Dr. C.P.J. Raaijmakers

    New developments in MR-guided 
    radiotherapy for head-and-neck cancer
    Dr. C.P.J. Raaijmakers
    UMC Utrecht Medical Centrum

    Jennifer O’Brien
    L. Harrison Carey

    UCLH experience of Spectral 7500 
    in Proton Beam Therapy
    Jennifer O’Brien, (RTT)

    Lee Harrison-Carrey, MSc
    University College of London

    Philips Radiation Oncology Solutions: The confident path to treatment

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    Radiation therapy can be effective in helping patients overcome cancer. At the same time, radiotherapy processes are often fragmented and inefficient. Uncertainties along the way can impact quality and make it difficult to consistently provide precise and timely treatment.


    Our dedicated radiotherapy portfolio offers solutions for diagnostic imaging, simulation, and treatment planning to increase accuracy, improve workflow and personalize therapy for each patient.

    Increase accuracy

    Increase accuracy across imaging, planning and treatment

    To deliver high-quality outcomes for your patients, our solutions increase accuracy across imaging, planning and treatment, while enhancing your ability to assess therapy responses.

    Patient and staff satisfaction

    Improve patient and staff satisfaction

    Our solutions are designed to improve the patient experience through precise, personalized therapy plans and reduced time to treatment. Simplified workflows promote staff satisfaction, offer critical insights, and assure a better focus on the patient.

    Accelerate time to treatment

    Accelerate time to treatment

    Integrated, streamlined workflows and intelligent automation help improve confidence and consistency while shortening time to treatment.

    Maximize value

    Maximize value of your investment

    As a committed long term partner, Philips provides consulting, upgrade/service options, and continuous education programs to help you meet the demands of today, while maintaining the ability to take advantage of new technologies tomorrow.

    Philips and Elekta deepen strategic partnership

    Philips and Elekta partner to streamline the path from cancer diagnosis to survivorship for better outcomes.

    Elekta icon

    Multimodality Simulation Workspace

    Bringing clarity and personalization closer to the point of care


    Multimodality Simulation Workspace is a vendor-neutral image simulation platform that supports image fusion and contouring for all available images and data sets. It provides clinical teams with the tools necessary for multimodality image fusion, AI-driven auto-contouring, and efficient collaborations—helping to reduce patient wait time while providing quality care.

    Ingenia MR-RT

    Next generation MRI for radiation therapy is here

    Ingenia Ambition/Elition MR-RT is designed for a simple, fast and precise workflow to unleash the real power of MRI for radiotherapy. Stay at the forefront with access to latest innovations in RT imaging, including MR-only radiotherapy and MR-based Auto-Contouring.

    Oncology Informatics 

    Revealing actionable insights for precision cancer care 


    Our oncology and genomics solutions enable end-to-end oncology care. From molecular diagnostics to therapy options. We unify and streamline oncology care across the patient journey.

    Big Bore RT

    Premium imaging, with simulation and contouring tools

    As the first CT scanner specifically designed for radiation oncology, the Philips CT Big Bore delivers accuracy, superb imaging performance, an intuitive workflow, and quantitative integrity – empowering you to deliver precise treatment plans for your patients.

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    Condensing the referral-to-first fraction workflow

    The South West Wales Cancer Centre (SWWCC, Swansea Bay University Health Board, UK) is working with Philips to address the issues surrounding complicated radiotherapy (RT) workflows, a strategy aimed at simplifying and accelerating the patient’s path from referral to treatment.

    Partnering to build integrated oncology solutions

    A comprehensive approach

    A comprehensive approach

    Philips recognizes that oncology care requires integrated approaches across patient pathways. From diagnosis and staging, to treatment decision, to therapy planning and follow-up, Philips is addressing challenges in cancer care by providing solutions across the entire care delivery pathway.


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