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Service agreement to reduce equipment downtime

Customer testimonial - OFM Antalya Hospital

Today’s healthcare environment is complex – ensuring your care systems are running smoothly is one challenge you can do without.

At Philips, we work as one with your teams. We share their dedication to stop issues before they start, and their drive to keep your care delivery going day and night. Our full set of customizable service and support options has been designed to adapt to your specific needs.

With us taking care of your systems you can focus on what really matters – delivering better care, to more people, at lower cost. Together, we can create a healthier future.

OFM Antalya Hospital

Who? Where?
Dr. Ahmet Arslantaş, Medical Director – OFM Ozcelik Hospital, Antalya, Turkey

To be a leading private hospital in Turkey’s competitive Healthcare environment

Customized service agreements designed by Philips Customer Services

Healthy competition

Turkey’s 2003 Health Transformation Program (HTP) has helped to create an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape in a country noted for its continued economic expansion and growing young population.

This competition has led to significant improvements in the overall availability and quality of healthcare on offer in Turkey.

To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, a healthcare facility in Turkey must consistently deliver first-class patient-care to an increasingly discerning and urbanized population. We look at how one such private Hospital in the city of Antalya has been able to thrive in this environment, and how their Philips Customer Service RightFit Agreements* have supported them in delivering the outstanding performance their patients demand.

OFM Antalya Hospital in Turkey was opened in 2012 and has quickly established a reputation for being one of the leading healthcare facilities in the region. The 14,200 m2 site today houses over 400 staff, 100 beds and, during busy weekdays, treats up to 1000 patients per day.

Specializations of the hospital include Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as a significant Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which treats approximately 30% of all ICU patients in the Antalya region.

Dr. Ahmet Arslantaş is the Medical Director of OFM Antalya Hospital. He has over 24 years’ experience as a General Surgeon, having previously worked in a number of state operated hospitals in Turkey.

Four years ago he took on the role of overseeing the technical design and installation of the brand new OFM facility. Two years of careful planning later and the hospital opened its doors, complete with a full suite of Philips Cardiology, MRI and Patient Monitoring equipment – all of which Dr. Arslantaş purchased with customized five-year service agreements from Philips.

Understanding your needs, designed for you

So, why was Philips equipment chosen and why opt for such comprehensive support? “Firstly, Philips offers a very high quality of equipment. They also cooperated well with us from the beginning of our project, understanding the specific needs of this facility and giving us expert advice on how to meet those needs” explains Dr. Arslantaş.

“We needed a strategic partner who takes care of our equipment completely. The comprehensive agreement with Philips offers us an economy of scale and reduces the risk of equipment downtime as we know each and every problem is covered.”

Global expertise and infrastructure, locally delivered

Another significant factor in selecting Philips as their long-term equipment partner is the simple fact that unlike their competitors, Philips has two field service engineers permanently based in Antalya.

This means Philips can physically have someone on-site at OFM Antalya Hospital in a maximum of three hours when required.

According to Dr. Arslantaş, in addition to excellent response times, having a local workforce has also helped to create a team dynamic between the local Philips engineers and the hospital’s employees;

“The engineers have a very good relationship with our staff. They are both well-known and well‑liked here – they feel like part of our team.”

“We needed a strategic partner who takes care of our equipment completely. The comprehensive agreement with Philips offers us an economy of scale and reduces the risk of equipment downtime.”

Dr. Ahmet Arslantaş, Medical Director

OFM Antalya Hospital

Portrait of Doctor Mehmet Arslantas

Always there, always on

As part of their service contracts, OFM Ozcelik have been guaranteed a minimum of 98% uptime from their Philips imaging systems. Dr. Arslantaş explains that the reliability offered by these guarantees is crucial when you are delivering 30 CT scans, 40 MRI’s and 50 Ultrasounds each day;

“Unplanned downtime is unacceptable, especially to private patients like ours. Our reputation as a leader is extremely important to us in this marketplace.”

In addition to the excellent response times offered by the local Philips team, high-uptime guarantees are made possible by the proactive, remote monitoring Philips offers Dr. Arslantaş on his equipment; “Simpler problems can be solved directly via remote support – we really like this system”.

Staff training is another area in which Philips excel according to Dr. Arslantaş; “Our staff were trained very well when Philips first installed their equipment” and his 10 strong bio-med team now also receive annual application training from Philips to ensure they continue to get the most out of their equipment.

“Unplanned downtime is unacceptable, especially to private patients like ours.”

Sharing risk, increasing return on investment

So, two years into their initial five‑year service agreement, how would Dr. Arslantaş describe the relationship between his hospital and Philips?

“We have a strategic relationship with Philips.” he says; “we understand the financial and operational benefits of a long term commitment and plan to continue to work with Philips on this basis.”

He also tells a story from the very first meeting he had with Philips when still planning the OFM facility four years ago:

“They told me; ‘every day Philips system is sold somewhere globally’. I never forgot that. I believe Philips is an innovative company with a strong tradition and bright future, and I am pleased to call them a partner to our hospital.”

“We have a strategic relationship with Philips. We understand the financial and operational benefits of a long term commitment”.

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