Cybersecurity protection and upgrade services

Philips Cybersecurity protection
and upgrading services

Maintaining the security of your medical devices today and throughout their lifetime

    Services to ensure your systems are always capable of delivering critical patient care

    Philips Cybersecurity protection and upgrade services are intended to keep your Philips systems secure through coordinated vulnerability disclosures, medically validated OS patching, software upgrades to the latest security level, and network segmentation.
    In addition, these services will help you maximise the lifetime usage of your medical devices.

    Medical devices require a significant capital expense. Securing, updating, and maintaining them in a rapidly changing healthcare environment is critical to good patient care. Solutions that provide sustainable performance while delivering protection help achieve this.

    Benefits of protection and upgrading

    Clear visibility of security posture

    Cost effective, competitive edge

    Regularly scheduled updates and upgrades

    Assurance of extended operation

    Continuous, secure performance

    Predictable budget planning

    Philips Protection and upgrading services are divided into three distinct modules

    Philips OS patching service

    Philips OS patching service

    Philips Software upgrade service OS and applications

    Philips Software upgrade service
    OS and applications

    Philips Network segmentation service

    Philips Network segmentation service

    As with all elements in our portfolio of cybersecurity services, you may select the options that best suit your requirements.

    OS patching service

    Philips OS patching service offers a proactive, controlled, and semi-automated way to roll out the latest security patches for the Microsoft™ operating system running on the Philips medical devices across your organisation. There is no need to worry about manually identifying and installing relevant fixes and keeping devices up to date. Our OS patching provides access to security patches when and where you need them. It offers peace of mind regarding patch management and minimises your cybersecurity risks.

    Philips performs a detailed medical validation before offering any new security patch.

    • Patches are installed at your convenience
    • Patches can be installed by you, via remote installation, or onsite by an field service engineer
    • After installation, full diagnostic tests are run to ensure validity of the patch

    Philips Software upgrade service (OS and applications)


    Philips stands ready to upgrading your Microsoft™ operating system, software, and clinical applications to ensure secure, uninterrupted system performance and extension of device lifecycle.

    Through the use of programmes such as Technology Maximizer and Software Evolution Services, we keep you on the pathway to the latest upgrades and innovations and extend the life expectancy of your legacy systems by maintaining optimal performance.

    When any of your clinical application upgrades necessitates an OS upgrade, both will be upgraded simultaneously. And if computer hardware replacement is required to support the application upgrade, it will be included.

    Based on your unique needs, Philips is ready to provide support

    Technology Maximizer

    Technology Maximizer

    Technology Maximizer is designed to pair with our maintenance services agreements to help you maximise your clinical capabilities and equipment performance.

    This software upgrade and hardware refresh programme keeps your system technology in state-of-the-art shape for 5 to 7 years after installation. Your entire fleet will be standardised on the same software level, ensuring the same workflows, image quality, and capabilities.

    RightFit Evolution

    Software Evolution Services

    Developed specifically for our patient monitoring systems, RightFit Evolution provides software upgrades for central station and/or patient monitors. The latest software assures interoperability and protection against cyber-attacks and opens up new opportunities for improved patient care. RightFit Evolution Advanced offers PC and/or server refresh when required by software upgrades.

    Philips Network segmentation service

    Firewalls segment your internal network into subnets and then applies specific firewall filter rules on them. This approach can isolate important nodes on the network until a threat is neutralised.

    Philips mShield is a firewall solution developed specifically for imaging systems that provides an additional layer of security without limiting device functionality. mShield uses strict rules to evaluate the validity of traffic, and restricts traffic to only authorized devices and specific services. Therefore, it protects devices so that patients can continue to receive their treatment, even if there is malicious activity on the network.

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