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    Improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes, with a tailored suite of Oncology solutions.


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    Oncology solutions:

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    Oncology solutions:

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    Oncology solutions:

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    Cancer incidence and related healthcare costs continue to grow while the complexity in cancer care is increasing.

    Therapy options

    Continuously expanding therapy options

    Complexity characterisation

    Growing complexity in tumour characterisation

    Medical specialties

    Increasing diversity of medical specialties involved

    Case rise volume

    New case expected to rise by about 70% over two decades2

    Cost icon

    Annual economic cost of cancer is estimated to be ~1 trillion $/€1

    Different systems

    Growing amounts of disparate data across many different systems

    Philips supports healthcare providers meet their clinical, operational and financial objectives in oncology by providing access to a range of Strategic Partnership solutions designed to deliver value based healthcare. Tumour characterisation, sub-typing and staging are becoming more complex and mission critical.  There is need to identify cancers more efficiently through faster, more accurate diagnosis and facilitating clinical decisions to treat and deliver optimal treatment therapies.
    Diagnostic solutions

    Diagnostic Solutions

    Partnering with healthcare providers to transform Oncology diagnostics services, through facilitating access to a range of innovative solutions:


    Information management

    Intelligent Information Management

    Partnering to enable better clinical decisions through integrated multi-disciplinary team (MDT) Tumour assessment:


    • ​Linking fragmented data and medical technologies
    • Providing quantitative data driven decision making
    • Establishing strategic IT roadmaps
    Innovative technology

    Innovative Technology

    Partnering to enable better clinical decisions through integrated multi-disciplinary team (MDT) Tumour assessment:

    • Ground-breaking technologies and AI
    • Latest medical devices
    • Research and innovation, leading to commercialisation
    Professional design and workflow

    Professional design and workflow efficiency

    Partnering with healthcare providers to revolutionise Oncology services through assessing equipment needs, improving patient and staff satisfaction, designing and delivering state-of-the-art facilities.

    Philips in-house facility planning and design department work in partnership to provide:


    • ​Clinical service modelling​
    • Hospital infrastructure planning​
    • Strategic design​
    • Education and Training
    Financial engineering

    Financial Engineering 

    Partnering to achieve flexible financial engineering investment plans which provide cost predictability and certainty.

    Philips integrated approach delivers lower total cost of ownership and predictable payment structures which empower customers to enhance patient experiences and lower cost of care.​

    Financial engineering solutions include:

    • Performance-based Solutions
    • Configured Solutions
    • Tailored Solutions

    Or more traditional

    Philips understands the unique opportunity we have to bring more to our community, and I’m confident that their wealth of experience and international expertise will help us collaboratively make changes that are focussed on helping our patients and team members”

    Robert Griffiths, Radiology Services Manager

    Wye Valley NHS Trust

    Why partner with Philips?

    With a global history of successful strategic partnerships, an extensive Oncology solution portfolio and network, partnering with Philips enables cancer care services to drive positive outcomes across the Oncology patient pathway and health continuum.

    Our solutions empower our customers to drive improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

    Better health outcomes

    Better health outcomes

    Improved patient

    Improved patient experience

    Imporved staff

    Improved staff experience

    Lower cost of care

    Lower cost of care

    Partnering on transformation of Oncology services, we deliver:

    • Diagnostic solutions, including Mobile CT & Community Diagnostics
    • Intelligent information management
    • Innovative technology
    • Professional design and workflow efficiencies
    • Financial engineering

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    2. GloboCan/ International Agency for Research on Cancer. PR No 224. 3 February 2014.

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