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We will be exhibiting at the bi-annual defence and security show, DSEI, which will be taking place in September at London’s ExCeL exhibition centre. Please come and see us on stand N3-280. Click here for an overview of Philips at DSEI and to arrange a meeting.

Rapidly deployable CT scanners

The Philips Rapidly Deployable CT scanners include a 64 or 128 slice Ingenuity CT sited in a standard size, expandable ISO container ensuring that the CT can be transported by truck, aircraft or ship.


Developed jointly with Marshall Land Systems the scanner can be set-up in approximately 4 hours from delivery on site.


A ‘Best in Klas’ and Frost and Sullivan award winner, the Ingenuity CT comes with iDose⁴, iPatient and IMR software to enable patient centered scanning. The Ingenuity delivers improved spatial resolution and excellent advanced clinical capabilities. It’s scanning that offers low dose and high image quality at speed.


Flexible x-ray imaging solutions

Philips has over 100 years of X-ray experience, and has been delivering digital radiography solutions for more than 20 years.


 Our mobile radiography systems take X-ray into very tight spaces. Compact, user-friendly designs allow easy positioning in containers or wards. With state-of-the-art offerings to choose from, these portable systems deliver top quality images. 


Our cutting edge digital x-ray rooms can be configured to suit your needs and improve workflow and exam speed with our efficient, flat panel digital radiography systems. Whether single detector or multi-detector setup, choose from special hardware and software configurations for a digital imaging system that suits your requirements. Regardless of choice, the detector, tube, image post-processing, X-ray dose reduction features and user interface remain consistent.



Accelerate MR performance with digital clarity and speed

Philips is a leading innovator in the field of MRI, helping you increase speed and obtain superb clinical results for diagnosis and therapy.


Systems such as the Ingenia with dStream architecture deliver fast exams with premium image quality. Designed for first time right imaging, the Ingenia has fast workflow, robust and predicable imaging, a remarkable patient experience and fast patient set-up.

State-of-the-art anaesthesia technology

The Philips MRI 508 anaesthesia machine and Invivo Expression Monitoring system are MR compatible with superb certified performance in close proximity to strong magnetic fields. This combined solution is the first system in the world to perform reliably and accurately right next to diagnostic equipment with a strong magnetic field.


Advancing radiology clinical decisions with ultrasound

When every second counts, clear image quality means precious time saved. Philips’ easy to use ultrasound systems provide you with outstanding imaging, remarkable transducer penetration, and performance features that will grow with you.

Whether you are looking for an ultrasound system for emergency and critical environments or general imaging, we have an extensive range of ultrasound solutions, to help you work fast and with ease.


Timely image acquisition, reporting and storage

The IntelliSpace Portal (ISP), a multimodality, multivendor advanced visualization server, with processing capabilities for MR, CT, Interventional x-ray, ultrasound and nuclear medicine data and capacity to store enormous amounts of data, has been designed to provide a more flexible, efficient approach to reporting.

Our IntelliSpace PACS will save time, speed review, and improve your workflow with an advanced viewing solution that helps you keep pace with the growing number of complex radiology studies by reducing the steps to view and interpret studies.


Philips IntelliSpace PACS Anywhere* is a flexible image distribution system that expands the reach of our IntelliSpace PACS Enterprise 4.4 system. With it, your team can access clinical review information from almost any device.


IntelliSite Pathology Solution

Reach better-informed decisions through easy access to patient centric information. Our IntelliSite Pathology solution is a highly scalable platform that enhances productivity with high-resolution digital images, collaboration features, and case management tools. Enhance knowledge sharing between care providers to meet the challenges of today’s busy pathology lab.


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*This product is for clinical review and not intended for diagnosis or primary interpretations.