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Point of injury
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Philips helps you respond to emergencies quickly and effectively wherever they occur.


We offer a wide range of innovative, evidence-based emergency care and resuscitation solutions.


These solutions include lightweight, rugged medic packs with equipment to help triage, diagnose and treat service people on the ground.

“Integration of Damage Control Radiology CT findings with Damage Control Resuscitation and Surgery and all the other components of the retrieval and trauma management systems have lead to the current very major improvements in survival of injured service personnel.”

Peter Duffy, Battlefield Radiology: 2014 Update, Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health

Patient Monitoring

Vital signs monitoring to help diagnose and assess injury and treatment requirement, providing faster, more efficient care.

The Philips IntelliVue X3 is a remarkably light, flexible, and durable transport patient monitor that’s also easy to use, affordable, small in size, and big in capability.


Resuscitation Solutions
Tested to stringent military standards and certified by the US army, the Philips HeartStart FR3 is our best professional-grade AED. It’s easy to manoeuvre in tight places, fast, rugged and weighs only 1.6kg.


Also designed to meet stringent test requirements and extreme environmental conditions the Philips HeartStart MRx monitor and defibrillator seamlessly provides industry-leading patient monitoring capabilities and superb diagnostic measurements.



Lightweight, versatile and easy to use, the Philips Trilogy Portable life support ventilators, weigh only 5.6 kg, with an integrated carrying handle for safe and convenient handling, the Trilogy 202 has a 3-hour internal battery and optional 3-hour detachable battery providing sufficient power for transporting patients from the point of injury to field or static hospitals.


Portable ultrasound

Philips has packed more than 30 years of ultrasound experience and its core imaging technology into a transducer that fits comfortably in your hand.


Our new Philips handheld ultrasound systems are designed to provide crystal clear images – in a lightweight, ultra-mobile form, enabling imaging to take place wherever and whenever required.


Philips Minicare – next generation point-of-care blood testing

Philips is developing a range of new on-the-spot near-patient blood testing, enabling rapid clinical decision-making.


Minicare H-300*
A novel hemostasis system to aid the diagnosis and monitoring of coagulation abnormalities. The immediate assessment of a patient’s coagulation status is crucial to ensure timely intervention in critical care settings such as heavy blood trauma or massive surgery. Minicare H-300 blood testing will help in determining the coagulation status of the patient, providing a real-time thromboelastography within 15 minutes near the patient.



Minicare C-300*
Delivering lab comparable multiplex blood test results for an extensive range of chemistry parameters. Point-of-care screening can greatly facilitate subsequent diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making. This easy to use, portable desktop system offers a menu of 27 parameters, covering major disease areas. Results are available in 15 minutes with good correlation to lab methods.



Minicare BNP*
Cardiac assay, an aid in the diagnosis of heart failure. Minicare BNP is a new cardiac assay on the Minicare I-20 handheld diagnostic platform and provides near-patient, lab comparable BNP test results within just 10 minutes. The Minicare I-20 handheld analyzer launched in 2016 with a cardiac troponin-l assay for patients with suspected Myocardial Infarction. The extension of the cardiac panel on the Minicare I-20 system shows Philips’ commitment to cardiac care.



* Minicare H-300, Minicare C-300 and Minicare BNP assay are expected to become commercially available in the second half of 2017.
We have developed ‘easy to use’ point of injury medic kits to ensure you are confident you can triage, assess and stabilise injured personnel prior to medevac, referral and treatment.
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