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In a simulation study with over 60 users globally,

96% are satisfied with how easy it is to use the system1

Philips Azurion offers an enhanced usability


With Azurion, we support you in delivering outstanding patient care by providing a better user experience that empowers you to move quickly and confidently through cases.

Enhanced usability

User friendly interface


A unique user experience. Information stands out from the distinctive black background and highlights help you easily locate active applications. The system controls, backlit icons and distinctly shaped buttons aid in identification.

User friendly interface

Tablet ease*


The next step in ease of use with our Touch screen module.

All controls feature the latest advances in ease of use. On screen, you can see easily information against the distinctive black background where active applications are highlighted. Backlit icons and distinctly shaped buttons on the Control Module promote intuitive operation. 


The touch screen module Pro2 offers tablet-like control at table side – select, zoom and pan with your fingertips and display X-ray images on its screen. All controls are designed for easy cleaning to meet stringent sterility requirements. 

Tablet ease

On-the-spot assistance

On-the-spot assistence
Digital user guides can be accessed with one-click for on-the-spot assistance.


Integrated user centric workspot in the control room.

The Azurion user study1 to evaluate the system's new workflow approach


This white paper1 highlights the findings from a study carried out with clinical users on Philips Azurion in 2015/2016 to evaluate its new, more flexible workflow approach.

Download white paper
Provide superior care


We support you in delivering outstanding patient care by uniting clinical excellence with workflow innovation.

Optimize your lab performance


With Azurion, we have streamlined your clinical workflow for speed and consistency, so you can provide superb care to patients.

Interactively experience all the benefits and features of Azurion


Interactively explore the new Azurion environment. See how its new innovations can transform your interventional workflow.


Azurion experience

* Some features are optionally available. Not all features are available on all systems.Please check with your Philips representative for local availability.


  1. Results obtained during user tests performed in the period of November 2015-February 2016. The tests were designed and supervised by Use-Lab GmbH, an independent and objective usability testing engineering consultancy and user interface design company. The tests involved 31 US-based clinicians (16 physicians and 15 technicians) and 30 European-based clinicians (15 physicians and 15 technologists), who performed procedures using Azurion in a simulated interventional lab environment.
  2. In 18 individual comparative studies, Philips ClarityIQ was associated with reductions in patient radiation exposure [1-18].