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1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and it can be difficult to detect in some cases. Due to dense breast tissue, small mask cancerous lesions can be masked, making it hard to detect and delaying the diagnosis process. Philips breast ultrasound technology aims to allow clinicians to effectively assess, monitor and treat breast diseases in a way that is quicker and more efficient. Philips ultimate breast solution provides an-all-in-one functionality to deliver high quality care, no matter the challenges at hand.​

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Anatomical Intelligence for Breast (AI Breast)


The Anatomical Intelligence for Breast (AI Breast) feature is a powerful software  utilising the eL18-4 transducer with integrated electromagnetic tracking coils in conjunction with a specially designed mattress and tabletop field generator. This fully integrated solution makes AI Breast an intelligent assistant for breast scanning, helping to improve exam productivity & reproducibility and diagnostic confidence.

The ultimate breast assessment solution


Philips is revolutionizing breast assessment and breast imaging through its innovative use of A.I. and cutting edge technology that unites all of the necessary components for precise imaging within one machine. 
Find below the features that will make your diagnostic process and patient care easier, and more precise than ever:


MicroFlow Imaging​

MicroFlow Imaging overcomes many of the barriers associated with conventional color flow methods to detect small vessel blood flow with high resolution and minimal artifacts.

PureWave Ultra-Broadband Linear Array

The Philips eL18-4 PureWave ultra-broadband linear array transducer is specifically designed for small body parts, without sacrificing image quality and tissue uniformity. PureWave crystal technology provides high detail resolution and an extended depth of field performance for technically challenging patients.

Full Solution Elastography

ElastQ Imaging shear wave and strain elastography reveal more definitive information on tissue stiffness in the breast, allowing clinicians to rapidly assess a wide array of breast lesions with elevated diagnostic confidence.

Precision Biopsy

Precision biopsy capabilities reduce needle blind zones and enhance the display of needle reflections, elevating confidence during interventional procedures. With elevated confidence and more accurate display, clinicians can perform targeted biopsies with fewer passes to enhance the patient experience.

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Podcast: Practical Application of A.I. breast ultrasound


Dr Kinkel, MD from Clinique des Grangettes, Geneva, Switzerland, speaks about her experiences with the use of AI on Philips breast ultrasound. Tune in to the podcast to learn more.

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