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Philips ultrasound machines: technology for better patient and staff experience

EPIQ Elite
Your priority of exceptional patient care deserves the confidence that Philips ultrasound delivers. Philips has a well-earned reputation for excellence among healthcare providers. They appreciate the innovations that help drive the best decisions for patients. A reliable and always-running solution can help you enhance not only the care your organisation delivers to patients, but give your staff the confidence they are using reliable state-of-the-art technology. Philips ultrasound features an exceptional level of clinical performance, workflow, and advanced intelligence to meet the challenges of today’s most demanding practices.

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Introducing EPIQ Elite, a new class of premium ultrasound has arrived!

Hospitals and healthcare systems are continually being challenged to provide a higher quality of care cost-effectively. Premium ultrasound today demands improved clinical information from each scan to deliver faster and more consistent ultrasound imaging exams. EPIQ Elite is a new class of premium ultrasound imaging machines, rendering easier performance and a higher level of confidence, even for technically difficult patients. Its goal is to assist physicians to make accurate ultrasound imaging diagnosis: the first time, in less time. This ultrasound imaging machine features an exceptional level of clinical performance, workflow, and advanced intelligence designed to meet the challenges of today’s most demanding practices. The EPIQ Elite platform brings ultimate solutions to ultrasound general imaging, with clinically tailored tools designed to elevate diagnostic confidence to new levels.
Epiq elite ultrasound machine
NEW 24" HD MAX Display for the ultimate ultrasound visualization experience 
NEW PureWave and xMATRIX transducers with leading-edge technology
nSIGHT Imaging is a totally different approach to ultrasound
XRES Pro next generation imaging processing
ShearWave elastography simplifies liver disease assessment
MicroFlow imaging for remarkable detail in accessing blood flow
Affiniti ultrasound machine
Affiniti: ultrasound imaging for your everyday
Choosing a new ultrasound machine system is all about balance. You want the latest technology, out of the box usable. You need accurate diagnostic information quickly, a simplified yet intuitive user interface, and easy access to the critical features to produce the results you need. All in an ergonomic design, to let you work with less reach and fewer steps. Reach all of these requirements easily with Affiniti. 
Transducers: ergonomic ultrasound imaging
Ergonomic and lightweight, the broad range of transducers suitable for the Philips ultrasound machines range is available in multiple configurations, enabling better penetration with less artifacts. Learn more about our full range of transducers below, and detailed instructions on care and maintenance

Receive a Loyalty Bonus when you trade in your old equipment


For a limited time only we’re offering a Loyalty Bonus when you trade in any Philips iU22/iE33 system for our new EPIQ technology.

Philips ultrasound imaging: Ultimate solutions

Ultimate ultrasound solution video
The ultimate ultrasound imaging solution for pediatric assessment:
Customized to provide quick, confident imaging, this solution provides a non-ionizing, gentler modality tailored to the specific needs of children. Revolutionizing ultrasound for children and elevating pediatric care.
The ultimate ultrasound imaging solution for vascular assessment:
Ultrasound imaging for vascular assessment - video
Providing all-in-one functionality with superb image quality, revolutionary imaging formats (with the world’s first xMATRIX Linear Transducer), breakthroughs in 3D/4D imaging workflows and complementary clinical tools for vascular assessment.
The ultimate ultrasound imaging solution for small parts assessment:
Ultrasound imaging for small parts assessment - video
The first ultrasound solution for Small Parts assessment, providing all-in-one functionality with both exceptional imaging and complementary clinical tools.
The ultimate ultrasound imaging solution for breast assessment:
Ultrasound imaging for breast assessment - video
Philips ultrasound breast solution provides an all-in-one approach to empower clinicians to effectively assess, monitor and treat breast diseases, increasing diagnostic confidence and helping patients get the treatment they need.
The ultimate ultrasound imaging solution for liver assessment:
Ultrasound imaging for liver assessment - video
Thanks to Philips innovations on the EPIQ ultrasound system, there is now a comprehensive all-in-one solution to help clinicians assess, treat and monitor many liver conditions.

XL14-3 xMATRIX Transducer

Ultrasound imaging breakthrough: Philips XL14-3 xMATRIX Transducer

A true breakthrough in technology, the XL14-3 joins the expanding xMATRIX family offering multi-dimensional focusing for ultra-thin slice imaging enhancing diagnostic confidence when assessing vascular disease.

Leading-edge in technologies  ultrasound machines:

Explore the technologies that Philips ultrasound general imaging has to offer.

*Certain technologies only available in certain markets

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