The ultimate ultrasound solution for vascular assessment

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Ultrasound is ideal for helping vascular clinicians make decisions that positively impact patient care and outcomes. However, there hasn't been an ultrasound solution in decades that has elevated vascular assessment to the next level... until now.

Watch the video to learn more about the ultimate ultrasound solution for vascular assessment.

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xl14-3 transducer

The world's first xMatrix linear array transducer

The XL14-3 xMatrix Linear Array transducer for vascular assessment is the biggest advance in vascular ultrasound in 20 years.

Watch the demo video to learn more.

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The Philips ultimate vascular solution is comprised of four key features that work together to aid clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease.

xmatirx linear array

XL14-3 xMATRIX Linear Array

Thin Slice Imaging

The XL14-3 xMATRIX transducer incorporates an amazing 56,000 elements, all connected to a separate micro-channel. The XL14-3 transducer features multi-dimensional electronic focusing for ultra-thin slice imaging of vascular anatomy and plaque morphology. The key benefit: exceptional diagnostic confidence when assessing stenosis and vulnerable plaque.
epiq 7 ultrasound machine
epiq 7 ultrasound machine

xPlane Imaging

The XL14-3 xMatrix transducer offers xPlane imaging that goes beyond the conventional approach to vascular exams by offering real-time images in both the longitudinal and transverse planes simultaneously. The key benefit: xPlane imaging eliminates the need to rotate the transducer to acquire orthogonal views. A simple move of the trackball can provide complete anatomical evaluation – saving exam time.
xplane imaging with XL14-3 xMATRIX
saves exam time

xPlane Doppler

The XL14-3 xMatrix also offers xPlane Doppler capabilities. xPlane pulse Doppler allows precise placement of the Doppler sample volume using both longitudinal and transverse reference images. The key benefit: xPlane Doppler reduces sample volume placement errors and provides greater reproducibility and consistency when sampling significant stenosis.
real-time images in both the longitudinal and transverse planes simultaneously
it can provide complete anatomical evaluation
xmatirx linear array

Easy 3D/4D capability

The XL14-3 xMatrix also has the ability to visualise anatomy in amazing 3D/4D with an easy-to-use ICON-driven workflow. Clinicians can see directly into a vessel to evaluate plaque spatial location and composition, as well as 3D flow data to assess stenotic or tortuous conditions.
easy 3d 4d/ capacity
the xl14-3 matrix
The 3D/4D user interface also offers the ability to generate a vessel cast using flow data. 3D vessel casting allows the direct visualisation of flow for further analysis of stenosis or tortuous conditions. The key benefit: high-quality 3D/4D visualisation of vascular anatomy provides an ideal communication tool to facilitate clinical decisions among providers and enhance consultation with patients to help them understand their condition.
high quality 3D 4D resolution
easy evaluation of plaque spatial location and composition, as well as 3D flow data to assess stenotic or tortuous conditions
xmatirx linear array


Philips next-generation image processing elevates vascular imaging to new levels by providing superb delineation of vessel interfaces and enhanced plaque texture conspicuity. By reducing vessel haze and artefacts, XRES Pro elevates diagnostic confidence during vascular imaging of patients, including those that are technically challenging.
xres pro image processing
diagnostic confidence during vascular imaging
xmatirx linear array

MicroFlow Imaging

Philips MicroFlow Imaging is designed to detect slow and weak blood flow anatomy in tissue with remarkable sensitivity and enhances the resolution of flow in vascular exams. With high resolution and minimal artefacts, clinicians can visualise and characterise subtle flow disturbances around stenotic plaque to make confident diagnoses.
microflow imaging
slow and week blood flow in tissue
subtle flow disturbances
high resolution ultrasound
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Ergonomic and lightweight, our broad range of transducers is available in multiple configurations, enabling better penetration with less artefacts. Click the link below to learn more about our full range of transducers, and to download detailed instructions on care and maintenance.

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Unprecedented advances in premium ultrasound performance can help address the strains on overburdened hospitals and healthcare systems, which are continually being challenged to provide a higher quality of care, in a cost-effective manner. The goal remains the same: to facilitate fast, accurate diagnosis.

Philips vascular ultrasound machines provide you and your clinical teams with the information and insights you need. Our vascular solutions pave the way for you to easily perform exams in a fast and consistent way. As a result, you gain a high level of confidence in diagnosis, even for technically difficult patients.

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